OwnerRobert Powell
LocationKaty, Texas United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1999 Suzuki SV650
Purchased bike in spetember of 2008 as my
first motorcycle, I kept at it, tweaked,
tuned, tweaked, tuned, Raced (on the track),
then i had my major wreck, bike got sideline
(rebuilt and sidlelined) and then I moved on
and got new bikes and kinda forgot about the
bike (almost sold it actually)
MotorMars ME1117 Brushless DC
This motor is actually the original test bed
motor (serial # - 01 ) from 2007 from Zero
Motorcycle. I got my hands on it from a source
and have been in talks with Zero to get it to
there headquarters for a photo shoot with them
ControllerKelly KLS72501-8080IPS
Batteries12 Nissan Leaf Module, 0.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
I use 12 Nissan Leaf modules. They are the from
a 2013 Nissan Leaf.
System Voltage98 Volts
Charger Meanwell CC/CV Charger X 2
DC/DC ConverterKelly Custom
Top Speed90 MPH (144 KPH)
Currently Geared to 90, but plan to change the
gear ratio to update it just over 100/125
Range70 Miles (112 Kilometers)
EV Miles
Current:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
    As of 10/27/2016
Seating Capacity1
Curb Weight235 Pounds (106 Kilograms)

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