hood opentop view of motor and battery boxRelays and shunt
OwnerMike Arkwright
LocationWaukee, Iowa United States map
Vehicle2002 John Deere 1642HS
Standard riding mower - 42" / 2 blade deck
Motor Motenergy me1004 Permanent Magnet DC
This is a permanent magnet brush-type motor
DrivetrainWas a 16hp ICE / hydro-static transmission
There is no controller. The standard hydro-
static transmission controls the speed and
direction. Motor always runs at full RPM.
Batteries16 CALB/Skyenergy CALB 40 aH CA series, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
12 of the batteries are located in the main
battery box in front of the motor. The 4
remaining batteries are located on the sides of
the motor. (2 each side)
System Voltage51 Volts
Charger UY900
Guangzhou Yunyang Electronic Technology Co.
60 volt 12 amp
DC/DC Converter VOLT-2000
26 - 60 volt input, 12 volt output
purchased from EVDrives.
RangeMower will cut grass for 20 - 25 minutes
depending on length of grass. Mowing my 2.25 A
lawn takes 3 charges.
Curb Weight0
Weight unknown but weighs less than before.
Conversion TimeI started working on the tractor in November of
2015 and finished in spring of 2016.
Conversion Cost$1000 approx.
Additional FeaturesThe only instrumentation is a JLD404 meter/charge controller. You
can monitor instantaneous amperage, total amperage, voltage and other
parameters. The controller can be programmed so that an internal
relay will open when the measured voltage reaches a max. voltage that
is appropriate for the battery pack in use.
The braided copper battery connection straps are home-made. There
has been no problem with the mowers function after one season of
Contact at arkwri3193@msn.com

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