front viewedit frame for battery placeprimary battery
OwnerWahyu arief budiman
Owner's Other EV1984 Daihatsu Charade CS
LocationMegelang, Central Java Indonesia map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2010 Sun Sunrace face
Its an electric scooter, Chinese based but
built in
Indonesia, called Sunrace, in China it is
Dusfeng or Aoma. I bought in Trijaya in 2010
$510 USD.
MotorKelly QS Motor 3000W High Grade Brushless DC
Chinese motor but re-branded in Indonesia. 48v
350W. Its low power but havse top speed of 40
2016 i change motor to 48V 3000W 10 Inch v2 tipe
to upgrade the speed
DrivetrainIn wheel bldc motor, without transmission.
ControllerKelly KEB48601X
hoa tong controller, bldc 6 mosfet P75N75
in 2016 i also change controller using kelly
controller 48V 6000W
Batteries4 China HiPower Deep Clycle Battery and LiMnCo Battery, 48.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
has two type of batteries, in primary battery
lead acid, (Incoe brand) as the main battery
a Panasonic battery as a back up secondary
battery when the main battery has been
during the journey. I charge my vehicle only
once a week.

i upgrade batteri using Chilwee EVF for main
battery 32A and secondary battery is Li-ion
48V 40Ah from chilwee too.
why li-ion is scondary? beacause i am still
test this tipe of SLA battery how many life
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerElcon hand made charge base on POE power supply
used internet power supply 58V 2A
buy by request on aliexpress
Heaterno heater, my country is hot, tropics.
DC/DC Converter None
all system using 48V
Instrumentationstandard from original vehicle
add volt amp meter
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
not bad for 350W, I need long distance in one
after upgrade depend on your hand
Accelerationtoo slow when 350W
now using 3000W is fast like 125cc gasoline
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
primary battery can run 60Km
secondary battery can run 75Km
Watt Hours/Mile96 Wh/Mile
it is a very eficient motorcycle with low
draw, only 10A can run 30mph
EV Miles
Current:100,000 Miles (160,900 Kilometers)
    As of 8/12/2018
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight200 Pounds (90 Kilograms)
battery weight is 120lbs.
Tiresfront 13" 2,5"
Rear 13" 2,75"
change to
front 10" 3.00"
rear 10" 3.50"
Conversion Time1 year, only my hobby so if I have time I do it
Conversion Cost$1000 USD but I never counted the actual cost.
Additional Featuresfront suspension from Honda Kharisma
rear suspension from Yamaha Vega
rear brake is a disk brake with Honda Supra caliper and Kymco disk.

code by jerry