OwnerJason Brooks
LocationForesthill, California United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1986 Suzuki Samurai
This is a 4WD for off roading but still street
legal. It has lockers, 4 to 1
transfer case, spring over axle lift, and
31x10.5 tires.
MotorHPEVS AC31 3-Phase AC
DrivetrainStock transmission
ControllerCurtis 1238
BatteriesChevy Volt, 96.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
3/4 of a Volt pack. 12 kWh
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerElcon 2500
DC/DC Converter
Clean power 32 Amp.
InstrumentationSOC from Clean Power.
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
It is more powerful that the 1.6 sidekick motor
that I put in my other
AccelerationGreat to about 60
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Mixed highway and surface roads.
Watt Hours/Mile360 Wh/Mile
I live in the mountains. In the flats I get
about 250 whr/mile
EV Miles
Start:140,809 Miles (226,561 Kilometers)
Current:143,400 Miles (230,730 Kilometers)
Total:2,591 Miles (4,168 Kilometers)
    As of 9/17/2017
Seating Capacity2 adults and 2 kids.
Curb Weight2,300 Pounds (1,045 Kilograms)
Tires31x10.5 Buckshot mud terrain on 15x7 alloy
Conversion CostAbout $6000
Additional FeaturesI'm running chromoly axles, lockrite from locker, rear air locker,
6000 warn which, and a 4:1 transfer
I am the first one to run the rubicon trail all electric. It does
great. Check my YouTube videos by
searching ZookEV.


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