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Vehicle1985 Pontiac Fiero GT
The Fiero GT was originally converted to
electric by Larry Pratt, using (20), 6
volt lead acid cells. The drive train and
Warp 9 motor were removed with the engine
cradle and remounted with solid mounts.
The original Curtis Controller was
replaced with a Synkromotive 750 amp
controller giving me better control of
the motor voltage and the ability to log
information and view it on a laptop. A
new headliner was installed, the dash and
interior panels were removed, cleaned and
MotorNetgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC
9 inch Warp 9 series wound dc motor
connected to the original Muncie 4 speed
transaxle with a Canadian EV transmission to
motor adapter
Drivetrain4 speed Muncie Transaxle with Netgain Warp 9
DC motor.
ControllerSynkromotive DC750
Synkromotive DC750 controller with serial
communications port to modify settings and
provide logging capabilities.
Batteries48, 7.60 Volt, Lithium-Ion
(3) Better Place 16 cell modules, each cell
made up of (2)- 3.8 volt pouch cells in
series, charged to 137.6 volts.
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC3000
Recently purchased a TCCH (Elcon) PFC3000 charger,
set to terminate at 137 volts.
HeaterThere is a ceramic heater replacing the
original heater core that will operate
when the fan is turned on and the heat
slide is slid all the way to the hot
position. A micro switch was installed to
make contact in that position. An
electronic relay turns on the heater when
getting a signal from the heater control.
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-55
IOTA DC-DC converter set up with small
motorcycle 12 volt lead acid battery. The
converter can be plugged into 120 volt ac
when the car is not in use.
InstrumentationThere is a 12 volt meter and ammeter for
the 12 volt system, and one for pack
voltage volt and current mounted in the
instrument cluster. There will be a Dell
Venue 8 Pro and JLD404 mounted in the
center console.
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
Had the car up to 80 MPH and let off with
what seemed to be plenty of accelerator
left. Not sure what the actual top speed is.
AccelerationVery good acceleration. Will squeal tires
with very little effort.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Did an interstate run of 20 miles with
only one, 16 cell module, at 60 mph. The
voltage was still around 119 volts on the
pack and I estimate there was probably
still 3-5 miles range left in the pack.
miles left in the module. Being
conservative, with the other two 16 cell
modules in parallel, there will be a
good 60 mile range at 60 mph, with all three
modules installed.
Watt Hours/Mile230 Wh/Mile
The 230 watt hours/mile was calculated by
dividing the watt hours used on the JLD404,
by miles driven. This may go down a little
when the weight of the other two modules are
added to the car.
EV Miles
Start:113,940 Miles (183,329 Kilometers)
Current:114,740 Miles (184,616 Kilometers)
Total:800 Miles (1,287 Kilometers)
    As of 2/12/2015
Seating CapacityThe Fiero GT seats two people.
Curb Weight2,750 Pounds (1,250 Kilograms)
The weight of the batteries should be about
1/3 the weight of the lead acid batteries
used in the original conversion.
Conversion TimeThe conversion has take two years to this
point. I still intend to paint the car and
do some suspension work.
Conversion CostCurrently $10,625, including the purchase of
the car, upgraded equipment and lithium
traction pack.
Additional FeaturesThe car will have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, mounted on top of the
center console dash that will allow live monitoring of the
motor and battery pack.
The dash meters are working and the center console is being put back in.
Hopefully the winter interior overhaul will be done when spring gets
here, as I am anxious to get it back out on the road.

code by jerry