OwnerJean-yves Belet
LocationFrejus, Var France map
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Steel tubes chassis, fiberglass body
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. 7 Series Wound DC
Two motors, direct drive, for each rear wheel
DrivetrainFoor wheels, rear wheels drive
ControllerKelly KDH14600D
One controller for two motors
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
98 RC batteries 22.2V , 14 bloks in parallel of 7
batteries in serie
System Voltage155 Volts
InstrumentationGPS for speed, industrial gauges for V and A
Top SpeedUnknown
Watt Hours/MileUnknown
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight1,380 Pounds (627 Kilograms)
600 on front wheels , 780 on rear
TiresFront 275-600/16 , rear 375-710/18
Conversion TimeI don't prefer to count it !
Conversion CostOver 35000$
I try to make make efficient and intelligent controllers, the Kelly are
kind and low cost but unsatisfactory. My first was a Soliton1,
powerful, but it didn't function a long time.

code by jerry