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Vehicle2010 Quantya Evo1 Strada
This is a Quantya Evo1 that
I bought used in November 2014.
MotorLEMCO 95 Permanent Magnet DC
10 kw continuos - 18 kw Peak
81 rpm/volt
DrivetrainPrimary Transmission: 24-50
Secondary Transmission: 17-44
ControllerAlltrax 4844
200 Ampere continuos - 400 Ampere Peak
Batteries14 Kokam 40 Ampere, 0.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
I'm thinking about adding a second battery
to increase auonomy.
System Voltage52 Volts
Original Quantya Charger (at the moment).
InstrumentationCycle Analyst V3
Top Speed47 MPH (75 KPH)
I already have a 30 teeth pulley that I think
get about 90 km/h.
AccelerationVery good!
Range22 Miles (35 Kilometers)
The range is only between 30 and 40 km due
style of driving.
Watt Hours/Mile72 Wh/Mile
About 40 wh/km if you drive normal, 50 wh/km
if you
drive fast.
EV Miles
Current:562 Miles (904 Kilometers)
    As of 12/28/2014
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight198 Pounds (89 Kilograms)
Tiresfront: 110/70 17"
rear: 130/70 17"
Conversion Cost2900 euro the original used moto.
450 euro 17" motard wheels and tires.
300 euro Cycle analyst v3, crown and pulley.

400 euro 1kwh plus battery upgrade (work in
Quantya Evo1 is a good motorcycle with good components.
The problem Is that this motorbike is made for motocross parks and
this is the motive it initially has the ratio for only 65 km/h with
very aggressive acceleration.
Cause I use it for my commuting, I need more max speed and better
throttle feeling, so I soon changed the crown with a smaller one
and now I get a max speed of 75 km/h and less aggressive
The other problem Is that the Alltrax controller only is "speed
throttle mode and not "torque" mode, so the trhottle feeling is not
so good.
Lengthening the final ratio also will give me better throttle
feeling, so I will upgrade my Quantya transmission with 30 theet
pulley and will get a max speed of 90 km/h.
Other problem is about battery autonomy, only 2 kwh in total and only
1,7 kwh really usable.
I'm in plan to add 1 kwh of Samsung 18650 25r lion cells in parallel
to the original battery.
Cause the different chimical of two batteries, specially initially I
will have frequently to monitor the batteries.
To conclude, I live in Rome, I use my motorbike everyday to go to
work and sometimes for fun, I'm quite satisfied from my Quantya
motorcycle, I think that with more max speed and more autonomy (that
are work in progress) I will get my full satisfaction.

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