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OwnerPodbreznik Joze
Owner's Other EV1998 Renault Clio
LocationSentilj, Stajerska Slovenia map
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Vehicle1995 Fiat Cinquecento
The Fiat Cinquecento was a city car
designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro launched
by Fiat in late 1991 to replace the Fiat
126. It was the first Fiat model to be
solely manufactured in the FSM plant in
Tychy, Poland, which had been sold to
Fiat by the Polish state, and where
production of the Polish variant of the
Fiat 126, the Polski Fiat 126p, was still
running. Production of the Cinquecento
ended in 1998, when it was replaced by
the Seicento. Despite its name, its
lowest displacement was 704 cc.The
Cinquecento was available in one body
style only, a small, angular 3-door
hatchback, with a favorable drag
coefficient of only 0.33 that bore
similarities to the Lancia Y10. It
featured several advances compared to
older Fiat city cars, including
independent suspension both in the front
and in the rear similar to the Fiat Tipo,
front disc brakes, side impact bars along
with crumple zones incorporated in the
design and galvanized body panels to fend
off corrosion.
MotorGolden Motors Brushless DC
Product Features:
Long working life (>10,000 hours), Low
noise, high torque, Excellent performance
characteristics, High efficiency (>80%),
High reliability, Low Price. Technical
specifications: Rated voltage : 96 VDC,
Rated power : 10KW, Rated speed: 0-2750
rpm, Stepless speed control, dual-

The Golden motor 96V/10kW was replaced with a motor with more appropriate voltage: Goldenmotor engine (72V - 4200 RPM / min).
DrivetrainThe drive motor is connected via a clutch to
transmission, the car is driven exactly the
same way as conventional petrol vehicle
acceleration takes only slightly longer to
the car reaches a top speed (110 km / h).
Controller SABVOTON SVMC072150 72V ,150A -350A , 72-95V
Sabvoton SVMC programable sine-wave motor
cotroller works with high efficiency,
less nosie, and lower energy comsuption,
which makes electric vehicles or
electric motorcycles more comfortable and
easier to control. Designed friendly
interface of the programmable motor
controller makes set the parameters,
conduct the tests and abtain the
diagnostic info easily and quickly.
General Spec .: 1. power supply:72V, MAX
DC current:150A , Max phase current:350A
2. Product Size: 243x146x62mm 3. Net
Weight:2.2 kgs 4. Testing way: Hall
1, FOC-72/150A sinusoidal drive
controller applied to BLDCM or PMSM.. 2,
It takes only 3 minutes for the motor to
be well matched on its best electronic
angle at the first time. 3, The motor
torque ripple will be reduced to the
minimum, so as to ensure electric vehicle
to run without any noise and vibration,
smoothly, and comfortably. 4, The precise
current ring can provide accurate torque
input to meet the requirement 0f large
torque output during vehicle starting and
climbing. 5, The controller enjoys high
efficiency due to space vector converter
control algorithm which can effectively
reduce the temperature rise of controller
and extend battery life mileage 6, Built-
in various protection: locked-rotor
protection, over-current protection,
overload protection, over-temperature
protection, speed protection, over-
voltage protection ,under-voltage
protection and so on, effectively
ensuring the safety of electronic control
system and vehicle. 7, System status and
fault intelligent management system can
effectively monitor the current system
operating mode external input state ,the
case of system failure, and the LED
flashes at the same time to facilitate
the diagnosis and maintenance. 8, The
rich peripheral interfaces: reverse,
cruise, anti-theft, electronic brake,
etc. 9, Parameter modifications and
settings are available through online
configuration with online computer 10,CAN
BUS is optional to communicate with body
instrument and BMS
For further information pls contact at
Batteries22 Winston WB-LYP100AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerElcon 1500W HF/PFC LiFePO4 + 2000W HF/PFC LiFePO4
Two ELCON Battery Charger parallel
connection. Both charger and battery pack
control BMS from company REC Postojna:, very professional
company which makes BMS for all type
LiFePo4 battery.
HeaterBuilt-air heater EBERSPACHER D24 (for
diesel fuel) heats the cabin very
quickly, very small consumption of fuel,
highly recommend it. The car is
sometimes warmer than warmed the soul of
view of a beautiful lady ...
DC/DC ConverterKelly DCC7212-400-5W 35A
InstrumentationProcessed control panel, built-in digital
temperature gauge of motor controller and
12V auxiliary voltage meter circuit REC
touch monitor for controlling the operation
of the BMS system & charger.
Top Speed68 MPH (109 KPH)
The new project was processing a small
smelly nimble in a fast and versatile
urban ecological vehicle with minimal
processing costs and later at lower cost
Well-preserved Fiat Cinquecento I got a
very good purchase price , given the low
weight of the car itself , a small air
and rolling resistance, I assumed that
the brushless electric motor manufacturer
GOLDENMOTOR , 10kW model HPM completely
I decided to purchase a modern FOC
sinusoidal motor controller from
manufacturer SABVOTON and I must say that
this was really the right decision , both
in terms of price as well as quality
workmanship and above all the right
technical support. The controller
operates at its maximum power ( 10kW ) ,
but very well perform its function ,
built-in electronic power components are
extremely good quality , since there is
virtually no thermal losses - the maximum
power is minimal heat, single engine is
quieter and has much better efficiency
than before when it was connected to the
engine control with trapezoidal voltage
control , where you can cook - lunch ..!
AccelerationDespite the low power of motor and motor
controller the acceleration satisfactory,
since it is a small city car that is easy
to use for transportation to work and
back, acceleration 0-40km / h 6-10
seconds, top speed - 100 km / h, the ideal
travel speed of 60-75 km / hour.
Range28 Miles (45 Kilometers)
Totally dependent on driving style, on the
way to work and back; the path uphill - up
to 40 km / h, the plane up to 100 km / h,
downhill 110 km/h in 5. gear.
Watt Hours/Mile313 Wh/Mile
Consumption: somewhere between 180W to 220W
per kilometer (together with battery
charger losses)
EV Miles
Start:52,809 Miles (84,969 Kilometers)
Current:54,186 Miles (87,185 Kilometers)
Total:1,377 Miles (2,215 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityI reworked the car in the two-seater,
instead of rear seat I installed power
lithium batteries, REC BMS and air Webasto
parking heater.
Curb Weight2,024 Pounds (919 Kilograms)
Vehicle weight - fit, comfort is much better
than the previous vehicle CLIO, in which I
with my weight, cargo 500kg of lead
Tires135/55/13, narrow tires with a pressure
of 3 atmospheres have very low rolling
resistance, vehicle was in spite of the
high pressure are stable on the road &
predictable ..
Conversion TimeFive months.
Conversion CostApproximately 8000.00 EUR - 4000.00 EUR
ecological donations.
Additional FeaturesThe car is registered and legally placed on the road, it works without any problems.
Car daily use to travel to work and back without technical errors, the Golden Motor Engine with support SABVOTON FOC cruise control works reliably, generator power (recovery of electricity in batteries) is exceptional - up to 60A 72V, vehicle is a little piggy bank - perpetum mobile.
Solar power is produced when the weather is nice sufficient amount of electricity to recharge the battery for daily needs.

After installing a more suitable Goldenmotor engine (formerly 96V - 2750 RPM / min, far 72V - 4200 RPM / min), the final speed of the vehicle increased from the previous 80 km / h on the theoretical 122 km / hour. Consumption per kilometer has increased slightly, by about 12%, so it is driving much more comfortable and faster. After setting the cruise control is starting and driving through traffic crossing safer, since it is already in second gear reach speeds up to 40 km / h.
Regeneration of electricity when braking significantly increase the range of electric vehicles, reversible current in the generator mode is up to 50A (at 72 V - up to 3.6kW minutes = total time of regenerative braking divided by 60 x 3.6kWh).

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