OwnerJohn Rosselli
LocationSan Diego, California United States map
Vehicle2009 Ural Gear-Up
Gear-Up 2-wheel Drive Sidecar Motorcycle
MotorHPEVS AC-9 3-Phase AC
~30 HP, ~80 ft-lbs Torque @ 63 volt/6000 RPM
DrivetrainManual gearbox to locking 2WD final drive.
ControllerCurtis 1238-6501
Batteries4 Panasonic 18650, 63.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
4 Modules of 22p15s in parallel
System Voltage63 Volts
Charger 2500
EV Miles
Start:18,000 Miles (28,962 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2+ (I've fit 5 on but it was 3rd world taxi style)
TiresKenda K335 Low Rolling Resistance Ice Tires
Conversion Time5 years (Although it had a brief moment of hybridization)
Conversion Cost$26,000.00 Including Chassis. (Lost first battery pack due to improper

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