BEFORE reconstruction/conversionPerm 132 19hp DC motor
Owner's Other EVs1996 Trek 970
2008 Mongoose
2008 Supercycle Hooligan
2003 GIANT DH Comp 113km/h speed update 08-2011
2011 KMX Typhoon
LocationQuebec, Quebec Canada map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1991 Sears Craftman 825 Track Drive
An old 1991 snowblower full of rust that i
bought for cheap without original motor
and that i completly rebuilt piece by
piece, sanded, grinded, cleaned, repainted
and baked. All bearing and bushing and
friction disk are replaced. I painted it
with the same beautifull Blue that the new
Yamaha are. I replaced all screw by
Stainless steel and added teflon sheet
inteh chute and the Auger. I also added a
10W 900lumen LED for excellent view
MotorPerm Motor Perm 132 Permanent Magnet DC
19hp 48V motor with high torque and
efficiency. It's an axial flux desing from
England. This motor come from a old 2009
Zero X electric motcross
DrivetrainTrack drive with friction disk transmission.
ControllerAlltrax NPX 4834
300A 48V controller coming from a old 2009
Zero X electric motcross
Batteries32 A123 Systems 20Ah cells, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
I built this 16s2p battery with the famous
great A123 20Ah poucges. The battery is
capable of 800A burst and 300A continuous.
I installed a signalab 16s BMS that i
modified with a 48V coil 200A contactor
for higher current control. I engineered
the thermal management and current sharing
of the cells. thi spack is fully protected
and bult to last! The LiFePo4 are
excellent for cold conditions and have a
constant voltage over 80% of the
System Voltage52 Volts
ChargerDelta-Q Technologies 48V 18A for lithium
The charger come from a old 2009 Zero X
electric motcross
DC/DC Converter TYCO
A DC-dc of 48V to 15V 2A trimed to 18V for
the controller supply
InstrumentationCycle anlayst v2.5
Top Speed2 MPH ( 3 KPH)
do i really need to describe it? It's a
AccelerationVery very quick!
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/MileIt require alot less energy than i tought!

At full load with 15 inched thick of wet and
compact snow it draw max of 5.5kW fully
Seating Capacityzero
Curb Weight200 Pounds (90 Kilograms)
TiresTrack drive
Conversion Time250 hours
Conversion Cost200$ of paint and stainless screw
Additional Features100% MADE in QUEBEC !!

The lithium battery pack is portable and can be removed easy.
It use SB120 Anderson connectors that quick connect to the

The battery does not care if outside temp is -20 celsius or 0
celsius.. it can work hard and perform!

The motor start 100% of time!!

It is very silent!.. The most noise come from the snow and
ice hitting the impeller and chute!

I can use it at 5am or midnight and even my neiborhood will
never hear it!

My clothes stay clean from exhaust odor! NO NEED EXAUST =))
Very efficient!.. While the Arien of my neiborhood need about
1/2 gallon of gas for his driveway, I can do it with my
electric snowblower for abot 0.4kWh wich represent 2 cent of
electricity here in Quebec.

code by jerry