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Owner's Other EVs2008 Mongoose
2008 Supercycle Hooligan
2003 GIANT DH Comp 113km/h speed update 08-2011
2011 KMX Typhoon
2014 / 1991 Sears Craftman 825 Track Drive
LocationQuebec, Quebec Canada map
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Vehicle1996 Trek 970 single track
I chose this bike for EV conversion because the frame is made of steel, not aluminum and the dropout was enough strong to hold the hub motor axle torque (3tons at 5mm from center)
MotorCrystalyte rear 5305 the most torque you can get for a bicycl 3-Phase AC
The motor is a 5305, also called the BRUTE or hill climber. the 5000 series of Crystalyte have 5302 5303 5304 and the 5305. the last one is the slower but torquest and 5302 is the faster but less torque. My 5305 ised with 50A and 80V give 130 Newton meter of torque!
ControllerCrystalyte 72V50A moded to IRF4110 mosfet that give up to 90A
it's a start immediate controller (no pedal first) that generate the 3 phases and synchronize with the 3 hall effect on the hub motor. it's a brush less and weight 24.5lbs but dissipate heat very well and can handle 5000W continuously. I have set it to limit the current to 60A to preserve the cells and i get a peak of 3250W on acceleration
Batteries3 A123 Systems battery pack made of M1 26650 from deffective 36V, 36.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
I use 2x 10s2p pack that I can series or parallel using a 4PDT 40A switch + a 4s4p (13.2V) to get 49V or 85V.
These cells are the nano ironphosphate type (LiFe) 2.3A each cells and can hold 60C peak and 30C continuously
System Voltage85 Volts
ChargerDewalt DC9360 modified
I use two Dewalt chargers to charge the 36V pack via a Amphenol army style connector and a 15V switching power supply with diode in series for the 13.2V pack
InstrumentationCycle Analyst (the old Drainbrain) from
Top Speed41 MPH (65 KPH)
I get 65km/h on flat
Acceleration0-40km/h in 3sec pretty fast!!! I was very impressed by the torque of this motor!
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
I get 30 miles without pedaling at 38km/h and 8 miles at 62km/h consuming 1800W
Watt Hours/Mile20 Wh/Mile
i get 10Wh/km at 25km/h on flat
15Wh at 32km/h
38Wh at 60km/h
EV Miles
Current:851 Miles (1,369 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight75 Pounds (34 Kilograms)
35 lbs stock bike
25 lbs the hub motor
10 lbs for the battery
5 lbs for the 8 gauge wires and controller
Tires26 x 2.1
Conversion Time4 month
Conversion Cost1500$
Additional FeaturesI began this project on july 2007 for many reasons. I like project that require electronic, mechanic and physics knowledge. I want to be more "green" and plan to use it to go to my work every day and stop using my car for that.

I'm proud about that ebike. I have alot of FUN with it! I use it on paved road and offroad. The motor i choosed is the most powerfull hub motor i can find in the planed (for electric bike) and the acceleration and hill climbing is awsome!

I also appreciate the powerfull battery i have. They are 56 A123 system cells I divided in 3 packs. 2x 36V 4.6Ah 240A peak (40 cells) and an aditionnal boost pack to reach 65kph made of 16 cells to add 13.2V 9.2Ah.

I presently use these 3 battery and i have to admit i'm lucky about the way i get these battery! I recycle some deffective li-ion power tool battery pack from makita and Dewalt.The cells they use are the most safe you can find. ofthe the problem these pack have is that they have only one or two cells in serie that are bad so i keep the good one and rebuilt fully fonctionnal pack with those. TOTALLY FREE !! see:

or search for Doctorbass on youtube!

I plan to built a larger battery pack for summer 2008. I will built it during the winter 2008.

It will consist of 336 18650C cells from Sony. i will get 2000Wh and hope to get a range of up to 100km without pedaling.
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