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2012 Raleigh Road Bike
Dirt Scooter
LocationStoke-on-Trent, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle2013 Evo 1000w electric scooter
Hello this is my new modified ev.
Iv swaped the speedcontroler for a kelly 50 amp controler (very tight fit) and changed the gear ratio (11/64) made a new deck out of 10mm ply wood and fabricated a new metal rear mudgard to replace the chinese rubbish and to give a new motor mounting position
MotorUnite Motor 1000w 35amp max Permanent Magnet DC
Good little motor gets warm when under heavy load but still within its limits
DrivetrainRear wheel drive vie 8mm chain and sprockets
ControllerKelly (mini) KDS 50/100amp
very nice to program controler with plenty of usefull options.Im running the controler permanently conected to the batterpack there for eliminating the contackter and pricharge resister. The standby current is less than 3 mA so its not going to make much differance to my batteries plus running no contackter saves me 2amp when driving
BatteriesGreen Power 12ah, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Does the job (Il upgrade to lithium one day but no time soon)
System Voltage36 Volts
Chargerunknown universal 3 stage 36v 3amp
It takes 5 hours to charge from flat
but i only use about half a charge on a normal day (2.5 hours to charge)
Heatersocks and gloves
DC/DC Converter
non not needed high power led lights work out ok at the moment
InstrumentationBike speedo set to the diamiter of the wheel very accurate
Top Speed24 MPH (38 KPH)
very quick
Iv set the controler to soft start to keep the frount wheel on the ground
(and save a few amps lol)
AccelerationBetter than a petrol 50cc scooter
and the motor sounds ace when accelerating hard
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
After 8/9 miles of hard rideing the voltage drops to 32v this is where iv set the controler to back of the power so i know 1v go about 3 miles spair to get home with. I only use about 50% of my range on a average day (just to be nice to the battery)
Watt Hours/Mileall depends on how hard i push it and how much fun i have.
EV Miles
Current:305 Miles (490 Kilometers)
    As of 11/11/2013
Seating CapacityOne seated or two standing
Curb Weight80 Pounds (36 Kilograms)
Heavy for its size but does fold up to fit in a car boot. If you carry it for over 10 meters your doing good but not advisable.
Tiressemi slick tubless tires I dont remember the size
Conversion Time4 weeks
Additional FeaturesI love the progamability of the kelly controler and all the options
The original scooter was rated at 1000w but the controler could only handle 25amp what a let down. After the controler swap it was a different beast.Iv set the new controler to 45A which after some testing looks the best setting for power acceleration range and heat build up on the motor.

Note the speedcontroler runs cold most of the time

If you have any questions plz email me

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