Watts Up power meter
OwnerSteve Shore
LocationRichmondville, New York United States map
Web/Emailhttp:\www.watts-up-elec-traks.com email image
Vehicle1971 General Electric E20
Electric Garden Tractor
MotorGeneral Electric Permanent Magnet DC
New Old Stock drive motor.
Drivetrain4-speed Peerless transaxle in combination with 8-speed electronic foot
pedal - 32 speeds total.
New components replaced 40 year-old components - contactors, relays, resistors, diodes, electronic component cards, etc.
Batteries6 Interstate Duracell, 6.00 Volt,
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerGeneral Electric
Transformer, capacitor, diodes, heat sinks
HeaterLayers. Plus hand & feet warmers.
InstrumentationStock ammeter and volt meter disguised as fuel and power use
gauges. Watts Up meter installed to monitor module output.
Top Speed8 MPH (12 KPH)
Much faster down hill in neutral.
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
Estimated to reach half charged batt pack
Seating CapacityOne (or two if factory double seat is installed)
Curb Weight1 Pounds (0 Kilograms)
Estimated including tractor, mower deck, batteries, solar module &
support frame
Tires10.5 x 12 x 24 rears
6.5 x 8 x 18 front

Both are oversize vs factory skins which were too small for my taste
Conversion TimeTractor - 6 months.
Solar - 3 weeks
Conversion CostTractor - somewhere South of $2,000 incl batteries.
Solar - $700
Additional Features225 watt SolarWorld module, Genasun MPPT charge controller, tube steel & angle iron support framework, Watts Up power meter, in-line fuse, main disconnect, various hardware.

Have (had) the following factory extras:

Welder, 36v to 110v inverter, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, hand cultivator, sidewalk edger, drill heads, hitches, 1,00# dump cart, mower deck, dozer blade, snow blower, rototiller (sold), sickle bar (sold).

Other attachments available: see my website.
The module started charging the batt pack the second I rolled it out of the shop. Haven't yet used the 110v factory charger since the solar install. Drove it 5 miles round trip to a Solar Forum event and it was the hit of the evening.

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