EL TicoOpening charging point in Rovinj
OwnerNenad Devetak
LocationFa´┐Żana, Istria County Croatia (Hrvatska) map
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Vehicle1999 Daewoo Tico
bought with 65200km in very good condition
MotorGolden Motors HPM10kW air cooled Brushless DC
17kg only 10kw, 20kW peek

First there was 5kW, 8.6kW peek. I broke
two. Very poor quality.
Drivetrainoriginal 5 speed gearbox, w/o clutch
ControllerGolden Motors HPC500II replaced with HPC500H
500A max, but very disappointing - it is
not programmable. I`ll must buy HPC500H
which is programmable, or better another
I broke two controllers HPC500 too, w/o
visible reason.
14.1.2014. HPC500H - much better
2019. Kelly KLS7275H
BatteriesSinopoly, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
24 cells/100Ah
System Voltage72 Volts
Charger Atib
35A max
Usually set to 10A for overnight charging
Heaterceramic electric cca 650w
DC/DC Converter 5A Charger for LiFePo
12V battery is replaced with 12V/20Ah LiFePo
InstrumentationOriginal +
Digital voltmeter
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
80km/h tested with 4 adults
100km/h tested on flat

In everyday use <=60km/h
AccelerationVery good for car`s pourpose!
Range44 Miles (70 Kilometers)
With 80% capacity

80km w/o lights & higher temperatures
Watt Hours/Mile140 Wh/Mile
85Wh/km to 100Wh/km
under 70Wh/km on hot sunny days
EV Miles
Start:40,535 Miles (65,220 Kilometers)
Current:91,980 Miles (147,995 Kilometers)
Total:51,445 Miles (82,775 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight1,430 Pounds (650 Kilograms)
Like original car weight
Conversion Time9 months conversion
9 months waiting for papers to become street
legal (w/o explanation or reason)
Conversion Costcca 7000 euro
Registred on 28.08.2013.

In everyday use - cca 30km a day.

After changing tyres (135/80R12) & driving
style change (60km/h
in fift gear, 40 in fourth,...)&
temperature rising consumption
lovers under 80w/km.

27.5. - 31.5.2014.
Tico participated on Nikola Tesla EV Rally
Croatia 2014
-850km + 300km going back home w/o any

28.8.2014. 11160 km/year

19.12.2014. 15000 EV km

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