LocationTamworth, New South Wales Australia map
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Vehicle1984 Subaru Brumby, Brat,
MotorKostov K9HV Series Wound DC
Iterpolled series/parrallell 220V motor.
32kw @6800rpm Rated.
101kw @5500rpm peak power
175NM @4250rpm peak torque
DrivetrainModified Brumby 4wd box converted to RWD.

Clutch and flywheel removed.

2nd gear good for 0-95km/h
ControllerEvnetics Jr
Running on 288VDC 500A.
Programmed to run std dash Instruments.

Drives engine check light as error fault diagnostics code.
Drives Fuel Guage as battery charge indicator
Drives temp guage as controller temp
Drives Tacho as motor power meter
Batteries1800 A123 Systems ANR26650M1-A, 3.30 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Absolute Performance 30C stable.
13kw/h pack

Calender life 15yrs
Cycle Life 4000 @ 100% DOD.
System Voltage297 Volts
ChargerElcon TC337V-2KW
Quality charger with manual or Interfaced balance controlls

Operating through Orion BMS System
HeaterSoliton water cooled provides heat for dimister/heater.

Batteries do not require heater above minus 20C.
DC/DC ConverterElcon TC300V-1000W
Custom 1000w Inverter supplies up to 80A through the 12V 110AH A123 pack.

Can actually drive car for 4km in event of main pack failure.
InstrumentationStd, run via Soliton controller.
Aftermarket Tacho's fitted for Power and rpm meter powered by Controller.

0rpm = 0kw [no power]
9999rpm= 99.99kw [full power]
Top Speed115 MPH (185 KPH)
Estimated top speed is 183km/h based on calculation only.

Car reached approx 145km/h before blowing a diff.
Acceleration0-60mph in 2nd gear <8sec.[est]
0-110km/h in 3rd gear <15sec. [est]
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
Calculated theoretical max range at constant.

93km range at 50km/h
44km range at 100km/h
18km range at 183km/h [V-MAX]
Watt Hours/Mile325 Wh/Mile
Calculation Only.

131wh/km @ 50km/h constant
276wh/km @ 100km/h constant
EV Miles
Start:192,252 Miles (309,333 Kilometers)
Current:192,259 Miles (309,344 Kilometers)
Total:7 Miles (11 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,409 Pounds (1,095 Kilograms)

1095kg AFTER conversion. [Estimated]
960kg Original Curb weight
Tires185*75*14 A/T
Conversion TimeFar too long, Began sourcing parts in 2009. Batteries been sitting for 3 yrs.
Conversion CostFar too much. approx $25,000

Donor Vehicle $2000
A123 x 1800 cells at $8USD each = $15000 AUD
Kostov K9HV motor $2000
Soliton Jr Controller $2000
Orion BMS $1750
Elcon charger $550
Elcon DC/DC $350
ADAPTER plate $900
Thomson Vacuum Pump $150
50mm2 SDI V105 flex $220
3mm Aluminum sheet for pack $225
Additional FeaturesVehicle has been converted from FWD to RWD.

COG has been moved from behind front axels to In front of rear axel.

Understeer has been removed from vehicle.

Torque steer has been removed from vehicle.

Over steer is mild and has to be pushed.

Handbrake operates front wheels only.

Vehicle Handles like early 80's porsche.
Diff Broke on first High speed run, Project was canned.

code by jerry