Owner's Other EV1993 Bike-tech MTB
LocationBudapest, Central Hungary Hungary map
Vehicle1993 Bike-tech MTB (German brand)
converted to a hub-geared road bike, now converted to electric bike
MotorUnite Motor
MY1018 36V/450W, overloaded to 700W (max. output mechanical power). This motor is quite loud at high loads due to the spur gears in the gearbox.
DrivetrainShimano Alfine 8-speed hub gear, driven at max. 38Nm input torque. 9-tooth chainring on the motor, 20-tooth on the hub, no pedals.
Homemade 1kW DC motor controller with 28A cycle-by-cycle motor current limit
Batteries45.00 Volt,
LiFePO4 40160S, 14 cells in series: ~45V, 16Ah, 720Wh.
Homemade BMS including on-off circuit, resistive cell balancer, charge control, overvoltage/undervoltage protection and 60A short-circuit protection.
4A Chinese charger for 16 LiFePO4 cells modified for 14 cells
InstrumentationHomemade display
Top Speed26 MPH (41 KPH)
Range50km on flat road
20km permanent uphills (~5% slope)
35km on mixed terrain up and downhills
Watt Hours/Mile22-58Wh/Mile (14-36Wh/km)
EV Miles
Current:350 Miles (563 Kilometers)
    As of 9/22/2012
Seating Capacity1 adult
Conversion Cost~1000USD

code by jerry