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OwnerJevon Morris
LocationMorganton, North Carolina United States map
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Vehicle2007 LIFAN GS 200
Black with red rims
Motor Series Wound DC
Hystra EO-31786 24 Volt forklift motor
from a guy that was gonna do something but never did. There were sitting in a basement for a couple of years. Could not find any info on them (2).
ControllerAlltrax 7234
Used from Ebay 24-72 volt alltrax controller.
BatteriesUniversal Batteries 12550, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Got on Sale on EBay. Spent a long time looking. Was looking for a combination of Amp Hrs and price.
System Voltage48 Volts
Duracell 12 volt 12 amp fully automatic, isolated chargers. purchased on ebay. Each battery has its own charger.
DC/DC Converter
green Galaxy 72 to 12 volt converter. Seems to work just fine. Was easy to hook up.
InstrumentationLink 10
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
The fastest I have had it was 55 MPH and had a little more room on the throttle. Have not tweeked the parameters throught the controller yet.
AccelerationSeems good. I know that is relative but I have not saying I wish it would acclerate faster
Rangenot sure yet still trying to test it and tweek the meter to make sure it is acqurate.
Watt Hours/MileStill trying to figure this out
Seating Capacity2 Adults
Curb Weight0
Have not weighed it since completing. But will soon
TiresIt has two
Conversion Time2 months jun 9th till August 9th.
Conversion CostApproximately $1500.00
Additional FeaturesVector (a mathematical quantity that has direction and magnatude) has a custom paint job that was a result of a paint scheme contest. All the boys and their moma each colored a blank bike and we chose from there.
This was a summer project for my 4 sons (ages 12 to 16). I created a course and they went through the course diligently. They had to do the research, sit through lectures, take test and make presentations as well as do the conversion. It was really fun for all of us and we had no expirence with EV's before this. The constraints of the project were to finish with something we could ride on the road, Do it using as much recycled stuff as possible, do as much stuff as possible ourselves.
We are testing a talking about what the next project is. thanks to the EV community for all your help and support.

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