Giant eBike
OwnerStan Soliday
LocationCarson City, Nevada United States map
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Vehicle2010 DIY Kit eBikes
eBikes from kits. Li-Ion battery packs matched to rear geared motors. These bikes perform well in the mountains.
Motor NA Permanent Magnet DC
Generic brand rear hub geared motors. These units are sealed and go by the name as 350-450 Watt rear geared motors. Only problem is that they are sealed units.
DrivetrainRear hub geared motors.
Controller Aotema
The controllers are 25 Amp with thermal cut off capability.
BatteriesDIY, 36.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Custom made LiFePO4, 15AH packs. Weight 12.5 pounds.
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger Generic
120 volt input, 3 Amp output.
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
Top speed depends on pedal assist and grade.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Range depends on pedal assist, and amount of acceleration. From 20-60 miles.
Watt Hours/Mile15 Wh/Mile
Average 15 WH/Mile.
Curb Weight60 Pounds (27 Kilograms)
Donor bike about 30 pounds. Total eBike weight is 60 pounds with motor, battery pack and hardware.
Conversion TimeVaries...see the link below.
Conversion CostAbout $1,000
Additional FeaturesWe use metal locking battery boxes. They get a little hot sometimes, but work great to protect the packs from the elements, brush, and rocks.

See this link for details:


These kits work great on low to moderate grades if riding. On very steep grades, we hop off and walk along the eBikes as they pull themselves up the hill.

The peak power is about 750 Watts. However, if you run these bikes up a steep hill very long under throttle, the rather thin 16 Ga or so wires get hot, and the controller gets warm. Good news is the controllers shut down preventing bad news.

All in all these bikes are great for the power they do have. They are street legal at 20 mph and 750 Watts. If you go with more power, you are not street legal in many places.

code by jerry