LocationZrenjanin, Serbia Serbia map
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Vehicle1994 Peugeot 106 leman
Motor Koncar Series Wound DC
76v 5kw 2200 o/min
ControllerZapi 80/500
Polovan sa viljuskara
Batteries30 sinopoly 100Ah, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerElcon 1,5 kw 12A
Heaterwebasto with existing water heating system
DC/DC ConverterKelly
Top Speed56 MPH (90 KPH)
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
I have not tested the maximum range for the
daily needs of 30 km without its problems,
has a maximum of one day I moved one charge
of 70 km while the voltage per cell, 2.9-3V,
since they are never 100% full
EV Miles
Current:14,000 Miles (22,526 Kilometers)
    As of 7/6/2016
Conversion Cost4000 eur.
Additional Featureswww.evsrbija.mfc.in.rs
Gospodo za voznju po gradu extra. ZABADAVA

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