OwnerPeter Schubert
LocationWien, Vienna Austria map
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Vehicle1972 Triumph TR6
Motor Fleck-Machines 3-Phase AC (air cooled)
44KW cont. and 74KW peak.
Drivetrainoriginally 2.5l straight 6-cylinder engine 90KW
US-Version carburator, 4-gear manual
transmission (will stay)
ControllerCurtis 1238R-7601 in pre-wired E-car-box by e-car-tech.de
650Amp max.
Batteries34 Sinopoly 200Ah (16 in rear, 18 in front), 3.40 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
max. charge 3.4 Volt = 115V.
System Voltage115 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
BMS System from S.Weisser, Germany
Heaterelectric heated front windscreen + 115V Canev
universal heater kit with ceramic module fitted
to original heating hose system
DC/DC Converter Unitek IDC-360 in E-car-box
additionally 12V Lifepo4 winston aux-battery for
hazard warning lights
InstrumentationZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver plus,
Curtis 840 spyglass,
BMS System with bluetooth from S.Weisser,
Top Speed103 MPH (165 KPH)
Range155 Miles (249 Kilometers)
at 80-100km/h
Watt Hours/Mile6,5kwh/100km at 50km/h
10kwh at 80km/h
17kwh at 100km/h
23,5kwh at 130km/h
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,510 Pounds (1,140 Kilograms)
50KG more than with ICE but not counting full
fuel tank (40liter fuel), so overall just 10KG
Tires195/65R15 Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S
(AA labeled eco-tire)
no spare wheel for bigger trunk (tire-fit set)
Conversion Time1 year research & planning, 1 year conversion
work (due to waiting time for components) - not
full time, only on weekends!
Conversion CostPlanned budget: about Eur 17.000 depending on
public funds and revenues from sale of ice-
Additional FeaturesElectric: Vacuum-pump Pierburg,
Mechanical: Lightweight flywheel,
lighter rear brakedrum set;
Accessories: New energy efficient LED bulbs for interior/dashboard
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail.
Follow the project on the blog (in German): WebPage /> electric.blogspot.com

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