FrontBackEngine RemovalMotor and transmission mountedFront Battery PackBack Battery Pack
LocationHillsboro, Oregon United States map
Vehicle1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa
MotorNetgain Warp9 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainRear engine, rear wheel drive
ControllerEvnetics Soliton1
Batteries60 CALB/Skyenergy 180 ahr, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
The new CALB CA (gray cells) are awesome: higher current rating, lower voltage sag under load, and longer lifetime.
System Voltage192 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC1500
Small but gets the job done. I may upgrade later if I need to do faster charging.
Heaterceramic, not installed yet.
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell Acme
600 watt DC/DC is called Acme. The boards inside are labled Meanwell
InstrumentationTach, Battery state of charge and speedo displayed in the original instrament panel. Lithiumate Lite BMS with wifi to display pack stats.
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
At least 100 MPH. Too afraid to find out actual top speed on the public roads.
Acceleration0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds (done entirely in 2nd gear)
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
At 80% depth of discharge and 34.5 kWh pack.
Watt Hours/Mile280 Wh/Mile
Good efficiency is attainable, but typical is more like 330 Whr/M when the car is driven properly.
EV Miles
Start:97,416 Miles (156,742 Kilometers)
Current:99,283 Miles (159,746 Kilometers)
Total:1,867 Miles (3,004 Kilometers)
    As of 9/12/2013
Seating Capacity4 adults (but 2 in back must be small)
Curb Weight3,158 Pounds (1,435 Kilograms)
408 lbs over stock. (+231 lbs in front and +177 lbs in back)
TiresRear:225/50R16 Front:205/55R16
Conversion Time1.5 year to get to the first drive. 6 more months to finish it up. Working nights and weekends after the kids go to bed.
Conversion Cost$39,500 budget including the donor
Additional FeaturesI kept the clutch, and mounted the flywheel with a taperlock hub. More details on my blog: WebPage
97% complete. Needs a little paint, and final fit and finish. 6/1/2013 - First drive. 3/15/2013 - battery boxes completed. 9/14/2012 - Ordered the batteries. 7/5/2012 - motor and transmission installed in the car. 2/11/2012 - Gas engine removed. 12/10/2011 - Project started, donor car purchased.

code by jerry