Under the BonnetAccess All AreasPosition HV componentsPosition Traction BatteriesTop Shelf open Rear Traction BatteriesContactor Fuse & Auto Pre-ChargerCharger & BMSPlugged into normal household power 240
OwnerMario & Michael Father Son 100 Weekend Project
LocationGlen Iris, Victoria Australia map
Vehicle1990 Ford Capri Soft Top
MotorKostov 17R 9 Series Wound DC
24KW 205A continuous
Drivetrain5 Speed manual. Clutch used as part of coupler,
removed clutch pedal.
Now both Auto & Manual.
ControllerZeva MC600S
Batteries45 CALB/Skyenergy 100AHA , 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
All positioned in rear seat area;
35 lower 10 top of lower pack that can be lifted to
inspect BMS modules.
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerElcon CHG-TCCH-45C-8A
Positioned in boot over LHS wheel arch with BMS
HeaterCeramic 2 X 500W made to fit same area of original
water heater compartment.
Wired to Fan Switch with thermal cut off for any
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell DCDC636W
Input voltage range: 110-370VDC or 85-
Output voltage: Adjustable 10.2-14.5V currently set
at 13.75.
Maximum continuous output current: 53A
Typical efficiency: 89%
Protection: Short Circuit, Overload,
Over voltage, Thermal
Dimensions: 218x105x63.5mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
InstrumentationOriginal Speedometer:
Original 12VDC Battery meter.
will adapt engine temperature and tacho.
Top SpeedStart in 2nd gear 0-60 very easy.
3rd gear 60-90+.
Have not used 4th or 5th gear yet, highway driving to
be done.
RangeExpect 80+ kms / 50+ miles
Still working on collecting more data.
Watt Hours/MileTBA after more data collection
EV Miles
Current:351 Miles (564 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityWas 4 seater? NOW 2, as all 45 batteries are located
in rear seat area.
Curb Weight2 Pounds (0 Kilograms)
From 1042kg original weight Over by 88 kgs to new
curb weight of 1130 kgs.
Over front axel 600 kgs & over rear 530 kgs.
Approximatly a 50/50 weight distribution, very
pleased and handels well.
TiresFalken ZE-326 185x60R 14
Conversion TimeCompleted on 9 Sep 2012.
Started 08 Oct 2010, as a 100 weekend father son
project completed in 96 weekends. Would of taken 90
Days if working on converstion full time.
Conversion CostToatl cost AUD $ 27,665
Budget AUD $ 20,000
Had allowed a 10% contingency that has been
exceeded. Now only up for running costs of brakes,
tires, and hand washing only.
Additional FeaturesHave allowed wiring to accommodate solar cells to tricle charge car 12 volt
battery when vehicle stationary.
Added: Central locking, bluetooth & GPS.
Car registered on 19 Dec 2012.
Most used tool in the garage "The Drill Press"
Quote: ""Only at the end do you find out what does not work!"

code by jerry