OwnerPaul Nilssen
Owner's Other EVRansomes Electric Mower
LocationPenguin, Tasmania Australia map
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Vehicle Electric Mower Mark ll
MotorPerm Motor 132 Permanent Magnet DC
Motor good for up to 12kW, but draws less
than 900W in this application. Way over
No-name Chinese solenoid. On/off.
Controlled by a switch on the handle as well as a key master switch.
Batteries0.00 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
Prismatic Prius packs - Panasonic?
10 series packs 7.2V each
System Voltage72 Volts
Two Chinese no-name 36V chargers in series with a centre tap common
Top SpeedAs fast as you want to push
RangeOne charge is enough for a small suburban back yard
Curb Weight0
A little heavier than standard but ok for a level block
Conversion Cost$10 for the dead mower from a Tip Shop.
$0 used Prius packs
$900 unused project motor
$100 for odds and sods
Son needed a mower and I had bits and pieces lying around in the shed. Perfect!
Perm 132 way over-powered for this job, but it was the motor I had. Even cutting the grass, the motor draws only 12A. Runs at 3600rpm and so is a little faster than the original 3.5 B&S 4-stroke. Prius cells came from a friend who had a new pack installed due to bad connections. Batteries get a little hot during
charging and in use, but are well clamped to avoid the
swelling often displayed by high current/hot NiMh cells.
Thanks to the blokes at work for welding and fabricating
adaptor plate and battery box.

code by jerry