Rear Battery Box Area Has Been PreparedThe  30 Traction Batteries InstalledDash Board Modification In ProgressCompleted Dash BoardCompleted CabinEngine Compartment  in progressEngine Compartment Further ProgressEngine Compartment CompletedCompleted EV
OwnerDamir Romanik
LocationAdelaide, South Australia Australia map
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Vehicle1990 Ford Capri SA
4 seater, Silver, Sports Convertible.
MotorKostov K10 Series Wound DC
Motor, 10.5 inch, cabable of 100kW (134HP) peak, 70kg in weight,
32KW, 144V, 270A continuous.
Drivetrain5 speed forward 1 reverse Manual Gearbox, removed the clutch pedal
and the clutch plate, the motor is directly coupled to the gearbox.
ControllerEvnetics Soliton 1
1000A Continuous, built in contactor, water cooled, Laptop &
software adjustable, many other features.
Batteries45 Thunder Sky LiFePO4 100AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
Minimum discharge voltage of 2.8v
Maximum charge voltage of 3.8v
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerElcon 2X 2500W total 5000W
Both Set up for 45 X 3.8V MAX charge = 171v total @ 12amps each
using 240v ac So a total of 24amps, I will make a 30amp outlet in the
garage dedicated to the car chargers.
HeaterCeramic 144v dc heater replacing the radiator water heater.
It leaves the old system for dead.
Virtually instant heat @ 10 to 16amp consumption.The inspector better
watch his hand, as I can cook my breakfast on the dash on the way to
DC/DC Converter POWERMAX PM-55
144v DC primary to 12v 55A secondary, fully protected.
InstrumentationExpert Pro.
Original metering of speed & Tacho. 144v digital voltmeter.
12v digital voltmeter.
Temperature digital metering of Front/rear battery pack,
Original 12v analog meter
Top SpeedDefinitely faster than 150KM Per Hour but havent found a safe testing
ground yet.Normal driving around town you, start in second and shift to
third without a clutch and thats it. If i really want to be lazy i just leave it
in third gear.Fourth gear if i have a nice long straight road, fith gear for
country driving over 110km ph.
AccelerationDefinitely much quicker of the mark and a lot more talk driving up my
very steep 100m driveway compared to the ICE.
It just wants to go no matter what!
Normaly use 2nd gear which can get up to around 80km/hr, and first
gear if i want to burn rubber all the way up the very steep driveway.
Range63 Miles (101 Kilometers)
Definitely around 100KM to 120km distance on one charge
-It has been tested-
Driving style and terrain will alter this figure i estimate 20km either side.
Possible further gains will occur when batteries get better ballanced
and the Soliton readjusted to let the BMS do its job.
Watt Hours/MileIt is costing me around $3 AU to fully charge from empty. This gets me
100km distance average driving, as i work 9km away from house it is
about 5 days of travel to work and back. NOT BAD! 60cents AU a
DAY.Thats actually cheaper as i have a 3KW solar system on the roof, i
am actually runing the car for free.
Seating Capacity4 People
Curb Weight0
Ford Capri SA book specification is 1200kg
My Capri before conversion was 1140kg
My Capri after conversion is 1180kg
Tires14 inch
Conversion TimeWho cares, it's a pleasurable hobby!
OK 9 months, but i could have done it in half the time if i really pushed it
and then half of that time i used for design and planning, in other words
scratching my head thinking this way or that way took longer than
actually doing it.If i had to do it again i could do it in 2 months.
Conversion CostAround $15k AU, Pure conversion only
Around $5K AU, Car and necessary repairs on the car, New tires,
Brakes, roof top, paint, radio/gps, Engineer, Registration etc.
TOTAL Around $20K
Additional FeaturesCabin emergency switch, Innertia emergency switch, Controller disabling petrol cap micro switch so
you don't drive off while plugged in.
Entertainment centre which features-7" touch screen,4x50w amp and speakers, am/fm radio, cd/dvd
player,GPS,Blutooth for phone,TV tuner,Reverse camera, Ipod support, USB, toaster/Cappuccino
maker, spa .............
I have removed the ICE and am designing the motor adaptor plate.The aluminium Plate adaptor and
motor coupler have just been completed by TOMO from Nairne Engineering so I'le be picking them up
in a couple of days Great job TOM.
The rear petrol tank and exaust system have been removed and the floor under the rear seats above
the old fuel tank has been cut out ready to install the rear battery
box, which will contain 30 X 100ah lithium batteries, the other 15 x 100ah batteries will be installed
under the bonnet.The front and back battery boxes have been designed and are awaiting confirmation
from the engineer, so in a few more days i can hopefully get them built.
I have received my 300A 175v DC circuit breaker and have completed my Electric vehicle circuit block
My 12v 40ah deep cycle battery has also arrived.
I have installed the Male Power socket and the micro switch in the petrol nozzle compartment.
All the car seats have been temporarily removed.
The dash cluster has been removed and modified so when you turn the key to START, it illuminates all
warning lights to test they are functioning.
Under the bonnet the electrical loom has been reduced to minimal wiring and all necessary wires
Motor is now attached to the gearbox with an alluminium adaptor plate and a steel coupler, I tested it
with a 12v battery and it works perfectly, i have now mounted the
Motor/gearbox in to the car and have designed the rear plate to support the motor,it was made in 2
days and i am about to install it.
The Engineer has approved my battery box design YEEEES!
Motor is installed with rear bracket support and Tachometer inductive sensor and bracket, Perfect!.
Have just discovered the front battery box design will have to change as the motor and gearbox are
bigger than expected. BUGGER!
I have redesigned my front battery box and built it, the new desing icorporates all other items to be part
of the battery box, so my controller, dc/dc converter, 12v battery CCT breakers,Shunt, BMS master
board and the Vacuum pump are all mounted on the same framework and should be able to be
dropped on top of the motor/gearbox as one unit, i have included a heavy duty hook in the design so i
can crane it in to position, the whole thing is mounted to the chassis by 9 x 10mm bolts in to 10mm
Nutserts, VERY SOLID!
ALL MY BATTERIES HAVE ARRIVED! and a replacement vacuum pump with them, the original
vacuum pump got damaged in trasit.I have placed back the front wheel drive axels to discover that one
axel wont fit back in to the gearbox due to the adaptor plate protruding 2mm in to the area where it
plugs in .-.!.#.$.%.*.&.^.(.). OUCH! removed the motor and ground the adaptor plate a little bit and
placed it all back, lost about 4 hours.
I have started the rear battery box manufacture now and am hoping to finish it in a few days, hope to
have some photos soon.
Now I am having some issues with the engineer regarding the front components layout and have had
to provide comprehensive details to show my reasoning for my design, this has slowed me down, but
common sense prevail i should get in to the rhythm again very soon I Hope.
After lots of drawings and explanations the engineer has given me the go ahead to continue with my
original plan of battery placement 30 in the rear and 15 up front.
Rear battery compartment is done and installed.
Battery Pack wiring to the rear box is done and terminal lugs crimped and colour coded heatshrink
The charger power socket and micro switch is installed the 240v wiring and the microswitch wire has
been run in under the car to the bonnet fuse box2 next to the chargers.
The 2 2500w chargers have been installed in the radiator section on an aluminium panel that blocks
the rain so moisture does not enter from the front grill on a rainy day.The Inertia switch is mounted on
the firewall and wires connected.
Front battery box and the 12v battery brackets are complete and painted ready for installation.
Before i do this it is easier to sort out all the electrical wiring that goes under the dash as well as the
heater demister installation.
The Electric heater is finished and installed under the dash and all the metering mounted in to the
dasboard, the wiring has been run in from the 7 dash warning globes, so i am about to put all the
dasboard bits and pieces back together and hopefully no screws or parts left over, this will be very
interesting. I HATE THIS PART! WHO DESIGNED THIS THING! ?!^%$#@*()><""""""++++____
JULY 2012
WELL! I have done it. it is done.
Everything is in and the big turn ON has happened with NO SMOKE in sight, i have set up the
controller with great help of ERIC RODDA who has been there to keep me on track all the way, we set
in the car and went down my 100m steep driveway to be stranded on the road as the car had no guts
to get back up, so i brought my laptop to the car and reset the Solitons settings to get it back to the
garage after dicovering what the problem was (CONTROLLER SETUP, DUE TO POOR MANUAL
INSTRUCTION)but thats normal, have you ever come across a manual thats logical? We completed
the final test, i must say it is quiet and has more punch than the old petrol engine it should be lots of
fun to drive, now i need to get it approved with the help of my engineer Stuart Croser.I have installed all
new disc brakes which has made the car a lot quieter as you can hear everything now since there is no
engine noise. The vacuum pump is very quiet once the bonnet is closed and it can provide enough
vaccum without an extra reservoir so i preffer it runs a shorter time while standing cause thats when
you can hear it the most as it is not noticable at all while driving due to the road noise so it can turn on
as many times as it likes while driving.
Installed new roof top and the Car Entertainment Center. Replaced all speakers and reinstalling all
panels back in to the car.
Spray painted the wheathered spots on the car to make it a bit more appealing on the road,
suspension looks great just as it was with the ICE.
Waiting for Engineer to come around to check the vehicle and hopefully registering it straight after the
29-8-2012 My engineer has arrived and inspected the vehicle he seemed to be happy with it. He
claims he will have the necessary paperwork in my hands in a weeks time so i can then take the car to
regency park for a roadworthiness test and registration approval. New tires are going on the car before
the inspection.
27-09-2012 My engineer has provided all the necessary paperwork for the car to be registered and i
have booked an inspection on 2nd oct 2012.New tires and wheel alignment have been done. I AM
READY! for the big day.

So now I am driving around and listenning to the birds chirping in the trees my hair flowing in the
breeze and the other blody noisy vehicles on the road, i wish they would dissapear.

21/07/2015 the car is still running like a clock

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