OwnerKen Roach
Owner's Other EVs1995 Ford Escort
1971 GE ElekTrak E12
LocationWaubaushene, Ontario Canada map
Web/EmailWebPage Exhibiting it at EV Fest | Get Tickets to Join me there - WebPage email image
Vehicle1974 EGT200
This is an original Avco New Idea EGT200
electric garden tractor
Motor Stock Separately Excited DC
Whatever the motor that came in the
machine from the factory.
DrivetrainStock electric motor (about 14 horsepower)
with geared transmission - 28 speeds.
ControllerGeneral Electric Stock
Relay and resistor/contactor logic - stock
controller at the moment - may switch to
an Alltrax.
Batteries3 Exide Group 31, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Originally this came with 6-6 volt golf
cart batteries, but I am going to
convert it to 6 12 volt (2 sets of 3 in
parallel) as I already have these now.
I may go back to the 6 golf cart
batteries eventually, or may try
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerGeneral Electric Stock
The unit that came installed from the
HeaterYeah, right!
DC/DC Converter n/a
There is no converter
InstrumentationFuel gauge and load gauge
Top Speed9 MPH (14 KPH)
That's what the manual says!
AccelerationNot sure - it's a tractor - likely brisk.
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Again that's what the manual says!
Watt Hours/MileTractor is now running, but I don't have
any calcs on the watt-hours. It does seem
to work well and I recharge it from my
solar array, so no cost to run it.
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 - mine!
Curb Weight895 Pounds (406 Kilograms)
That's heavy for a garden tractor!
TiresStock tires
Conversion TimeAlready done!
Conversion CostSo far, $300, but that will quicky rise...
Hope to get this working and looking almost as good as new.
It's on ongoing project, so bear with me.

I'll be exhibiting at EV Fest 2012! EV Fest Electric Vehicle
Show 2012 - WebPage See my EGT200
at Evergreen Brick Works! 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada! Join us in The Pavilions! Sunday, September
9th! Hours: 10AM - 5PM! Register early for Early Bird
tickets here -


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