OwnerKen Roach
Owner's Other EVs1974 Avco New Idea EGT200
1971 GE ElekTrak E12
LocationWaubaushene, Ontario Canada map
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Vehicle1995 Ford Escort LX 2 dr hatch
This was a 95 Ford Escort 2 dr hatch with over 358,000 kms on it. It was a good donor car for electrification.
MotorThrige-Titan Series Wound DC
8" diameter motor and about 17" overall length. It is rated at about 16 h/p @ 48 volts. It weighs about 34 kgs (75 lbs).
DrivetrainIt had a good running 1.9 liter 4 cyl with 5 speed manual transmission. We kept the transmission and clutch, but all else was sent packing.
ControllerAlltrax 7245
Controller bought from D & D Motors.
Batteries18 Power Battery PRC-1255S, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
These are deep-cycle AGM's rated at 55 AH (20 hour rate). I have 3 series strings in parallel (or at least I will - only one set presently) for 72 volts at 156 AH.
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerProMariner 2 X Pro Sport 20 +
These are marine style chargers (there are 2) Each one does 3 batteries and are intelligent and totally waterproof. They work very well and seem to be very efficient, even if a bit slow. The company also is prompt in replying to questions about their products - 1st class!
HeaterCeramic core type - but at this date, I have not installed it yet.
DC/DC ConverterSevcon
300 watt 72 volt to 12 volt converter from Electric Motorsports. I am very impressed with this unit. Good price, small size, sealed unit and works like a charm!
Instrumentation500 amp Ammeter, SOC (battery condition) meter - golf-cart style from Curtis. Stock speedometer.
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
This number actually surprised us. We thought that it might maybe hit 80 km/h (50 mph) but it had no trouble getting to 98 km/h (about 61 mph). I am sure it would hit 105 km/h (65 mph).
AccelerationAdequate. It won't win any drag races but it won't piss anyone off either!
Range16 Miles (25 Kilometers)
This was the figure that was possible with the original flooded lead-acids. It may be different now with the new AGMs - remains to be tested at this time.
Watt Hours/Mile400 Wh/Mile
Cruising between 50 to 65 km/h (30 to 45 mph) is where is seems to work well. This is primarily what was intended, so it meets our current needs. The future will tell if it improves.
EV Miles
Start:519 Miles (835 Kilometers)
Current:950 Miles (1,528 Kilometers)
Total:431 Miles (693 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults - yes, I have had 4 in it and it seems OK.
Curb Weight2,500 Pounds (1,136 Kilograms)
The car's curb weight before the conversion was 1100 kg (about 2400 lbs) and picked up just 50 kg (just over 100 lbs). Not too bad. It is still well within the registered GVW.
TiresP-185 75R14 standard radial tires at 38 PSI air pressure.
Conversion Timeabout 2 months working at nights and weekends, but not killing ourselves. It still is not 100% but we are driving it now, so it is more or less done.
Conversion CostThe cost was under $6000 Canadian $$ (maybe about $5400 U.S. at the current exchange rate). That is the total including the cost of the car, safety, etc. all-in. Not too bad!
Additional FeaturesWe have a few items added that were needed. There is a fan to cool the chargers (comes on when the power cord is connected). We also have a fan for the controller and one for the motor that come on with the ignition switch. There is a lock-out on the charger as well - when the power to the chargers is on, then the contactor won't pick up, preventing anyone from driving it away while it's still plugged in. The stock inertia switch is also in-line with the contactor coil so that any impact will disable it. The ECM (engine control module) was retained to keep the DRL (daytime running lights - required in Canada) working and to maintain the airbag sensor operation as well. The power brakes are assisted by a Thomas vacuum pump and switch - the power steering was disabled, but has presented no problems.
I'll be exhibiting at EV Fest 2012! EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show 2012 - WebPage See my Escort EV at Evergreen Brick Works! 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Join us in The Pavilions! Sunday, September 9th! Hours: 10AM - 5PM! Register early for Early Bird tickets here -

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We have calculated that this car costs (fuel only) about $.03 (U.S.) per km (or about $.04 U.S. per mile) to operate at our current electrical rates. I think that this is a very good thing, as gas would have to be a LOT less $$ if it were to even come close to this number. Loose calculations seem to indicate that it currently is about equal to over 96 miles-per-gallon (U.S.) and will improve as the batteries are cycled. And, Don't forget, there are no oil-changes, air filters, antifreeze, etc, etc. It's all good!

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