In-dash InstrumentationUnder the hood
OwnerPhil Marino
LocationRochester, New York United States map
Vehicle2001 Toyota Echo
home conversion
MotorAdvanced DC 203-06-4001 Series Wound DC
Standard 8 inch ADC series motor, no tailshaft.
DrivetrainADC 8 incher, original 5 speed manual transmission,
homebuilt adapter, Curtis 1221C
ControllerCurtis 1221C
Mounted to a 3/16 aluminum plate as heat sink, with
additional cooling fins in the airflow. There is a clear
polycarbonate cover over the top to keep rain and water off
the controller.
Batteries13 US Battery 8VGC-XC, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Batteries contained in plywood/fiberglass/epoxy boxes.
Thermostatically controlled heaters, 1 inch of foam insulation.
Each box is also ventilated with a small blower during
System Voltage104 Volts
Charger Home-built
Isolated, motor driven variac charger, controlled by
uProcessor that compensates for battery temperature.
Currently using IUI profile.
HeaterPTC core in place of the original heater core. About 1000
depending on blower speed.
DC/DC ConverterSevcon
InstrumentationIn dash digital and bar-graph pack voltmeter, digital and bar-
graph ammeter, bar-graph tachometer, bar-graph 12V
battery voltmeter, two resettable amp-hour counters: one
displaying driving amp-hours, on displaying charging amp-
hours. All home-designed and built.
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
Estimate - haven't yet driven above 50 MPH.
AccelerationLeisurely but adequate for driving around town.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Estimate - only have about 100 miles total on the car so far,
so I'm still breaking in the batteries. Consistently uses about
260 watt-hr / mile. ( out of the batteries - more out of the
Watt Hours/Mile260 Wh/Mile
Seating Capacity5
Curb Weight2,400 Pounds (1,090 Kilograms)
Original car was 1980 lbs curb weight.
TiresBridgestone B381 185/65 - 14 all around
Conversion Time7 years
Conversion CostTotal about $10.000 including $6000 for donor. Motor,
and DC-DC all from Ebay. Most other parts including adapter
were home-built.
Additional FeaturesMotor tach ( installed a hall effect sensor that sees notches in the flywheel) with rev
limiter. Rev limiter disconnects the throttle at 5000 RPM, and opens the main contactor
at 6000 RPM. GM vacuum pump for brake vacuum assist.
I'm pleased with the car so far. I'm still breaking in the batteries and have gone about
100 miles to date.

code by jerry