Cree moto-e3, 10/2012 opticsCree moto-e3Cree moto-e3Cree moto-e3, 10/2012 optics
LocationNuremberg, Bavaria Germany map
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Vehicle2001 Cree SAM moto-e3
100% electric vehicle, three-wheeler,
prototype, Car driving licence needed,
major modifications in 2010/11/12, street legal
MotorLandert PSM-132 3-Phase AC
Permanent Magnet synchronous outrunner AC-
20 kW (max. 50 kW possible)
105 Nm (78 ft-lps), > 200 Nm possible
Water/glycol cooled
28,5 kg (63 lbs)
> 94 % efficiency
Controller Cree
Water/glycol cooled
PWM with Mitsubishi IGBT (PM400DSA060),
limited to 120 Amps (drivetrain protection)
With some SW-modifications and cooling-
enhancements Controller could switch > 200 kW

Multistage-Regeneration 2-10 kW
Batteries180 10Ah, 3.30 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
60s3p Setup
6 kWh, max. 450 Amps
Crash-, vibrations- and thermal-protected
67 kg (147 lbs) total pack-weight (incl.
cell-holder, thermal-/electrical insulation

Special Batt.-selection tooks place to group
the cells.
System Voltage200 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
With external switch-capability from 5,5 A to
13 A @ 208-220VDC (230 Volts AC outlet),
CC and CV could be adjusted from outside,
efficiency 91-94 % during CC-phase
HeaterElectric heater, 550W, power derived from the
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
limited (SW-controlled)
Acceleration0-50 km/h in 5s
0-60 km/h in 6 s
0-80 km/h in 10 s
40-60 km/h in 3 s
40-80 km/h in 6s
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight1,014 Pounds (460 Kilograms)
plus some extra pounds for the optional range-
extending battery-box
(mountend in the front-trunk).

front: 3,5x15 with 135/70-15
rear: 5,5x15 with 175/65-15
Additional FeaturesMulti-Channel Voltage monitoring.
Diag-Box with external charge-capability.
Interactive regeneration
Drive-Belt with carbon inlay.
Novel multipurpose range-extending Battery-Box
with some extra kWhrs.
RAC Future Car Challenge 2012
2nd. place overall.
1st. place @ categories "pre-
production/prototypes EV" and "private-Team"

code by jerry