OwnerDonald Cox
LocationLake Havasu City, Arizona United States map
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Vehicle2008 KTM 250SX Frame now( was a 505XC Frame before)
The original frame was not registerable, so I rebuilt it on a 250 SX frame
MotorMars Motenergy ME1004 Permanent Magnet DC
48 V 200 amp continous, DC Brushed Motor. 400 amp burst
I thought it was lower RPM, 3300 instead of 4000 with the old motor, but I got more power and equal speed by keeping the 1.5 reduction on the primary side and 4 to 1 on the rear chain sprocket side
DrivetrainWas a ME0909 with AGM batteries.
Now it is a ME1004 motor with Lithium Batteries. 48V 40AH
Twice the current capacity, and motor power
ControllerKelly KD72501
The controller I got for future build, and the ME1004 can handle all that my batteries can dish out and my controller can control. The 72V capabilities are still there. The Kelly controller has been a great unit.
Batteries16 Headway Headway 40152S 15Ah 15C LiFePO4 Cylindrical Batter, 48.00 Volt,
OLD I built the battery box to hold 48V LithPo4 40 amp/hr CALB batteries.
Now has 48 cells 16s 3p for 48V 45AH
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger 48V 12 Amp charger
A 51.7 Power supply for Lithium Batteries, that shuts off when commanded by the BMS
Top Speed50 MPH (80 KPH)
The gearing is 6 to 1 ( 1.5 on the primary side thru a jackshaft 4 to 1 on the sprocket wheel side) the motor does about 4000rpm.
AccelerationGood, but still needs more power for the Motocross track. Brushless motor Me0913.
12-30KW at 72V More HP
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
2.2KW of battery does about 6 laps on a Vet track. With the ME1004, it does about 15 miles on the street, since I have it street legal in California now
Watt Hours/MileI can do about 6 hot laps on the Vet track, or about 15 mile on the street. It can top out at about 50mph
Curb Weight240 Pounds (109 Kilograms)
The same weight as the original 450 SXF bike with gas motor (ICE).
Conversion Time9 month project to original build. 2012 Now it is a many years later and I have had so much fun with it.
2019 Still running
Conversion Cost$3000 to 4000 building the bike from parts, and then about $1200 more for the Lithium Batteries.
Additional FeaturesSince the new build, I have done a few mods in the primary chain side and jack shaft bear mounts. all around more solid. I am planning on putting a timing type belt on the primary side. I did this and it would not work. A 1" belt just won't stay on
It has been many laps around motocross tracks including a partial lap around Glen Helen.

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