Engine outBatteries up and running
OwnerQuinten de Gooijer
Owner's Other EV2003 Smart Roadster
LocationAmsterdam, North Holland Netherlands map
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Vehicle1987 Citroen CX RE 2.0
(Update december 2018) I started this
conversion in January 2011, did some
testdriving but eventually decided to
dismantle the car, keep the drivetrain and
sell the car (in 2014). Testing showed that
with a small 30 kw motor and only 100 volt
on board, this car is too big and too heavy.
But I loved the conversion and learned a
great deal on EV's.
If someone else wants to convert a CX I can
certainly recommend it, it is a great drive.
But make sure you electric motor is bigger
(60 Kw peak minimum and 150 Nm torque
minimum and make sure you have a big battery
pack, minimum 30 to 40 Kwh...with that make
a car that can be used as a daily driver.
Also do keep the clutch and the gearbox, so
you can easily change between 2 and 3rd
gear, for city and highway traffic.
The main advantage of these Citroen cars is
that you do not need to modify the brake
system (vaccuum pump not needed) and also
the power steering does not need any
changes. And you have really a lot of space
with the model, more than you need for all
your batteries and electronics.
MotorFIMEA AC 50 motor 3-Phase AC
This motor gives immediately 130 Nm torque,
which is not far off what the original 2000
cc 4 cylinder engine produced at 3200 RPM,
so the acceleration will be fine I guess.
Just for a 1250 kg vehicle, the power might
be insufficient for a speed over 95 km/h.
DrivetrainI retained the original gearbox and the
clutch. The hydraulic system for the
suspension, brakes and power steering was
unchanged. Hydraulic pump is connected to
the electric motor, like in the original
design. If you allow some slip (programmable
in the Curtis) the car will lift slowly when
starting the car in the morning, like any
other Citroen with hydraulic suspension.
ControllerCurtis 1238
Originally came in a package together with a
wiring harnass, a contactor, a spyglass and
a relais. But I swapped the HPEVS motor for
an Italian Fimea motor, since we need here
in the Netherlands a certificate that all
parts comply with electro magnetic
interference regulations... HPEVS did not
come with such a certificate at the time.
Batteries28 CALB/Skyenergy these are CALB batteries from China (aka Sky Energ, 3.30 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
for more details, see supplier site
www.lithiumstorage.com (I bought mine from
the Switzerland warehouse). Today I would
recommend EV Europe in Delft in The
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC 3000
What a big charger and that is even without
a fan! I changed it later for another Elcon
charger of a much smaller design, without
heat sink. Bad choice, you need the model
WITH heatsink, just gets too hot.
HeaterI bought a heater core of 1500 watt 96 volt
that will replace the existing heater.
DC/DC Converter DCIS-4812
I bought this one straight from China from
Zibo Super Motor, for only 70US$ but the
shipping was 100 US$. It is only 30A so I
may have to buy a bigger one. Cheap Chinese
DC DC's ... bad choice. Changed it later for
one from Norway, much better.
InstrumentationI will use the spyglass that came with the
curtis (shows the RPM) and the touch screen
that came with the WICOM BMS (shows SOC,
temperatures, alarm, cell status and so on).
Later changed to EMUS BMS system with Canbus
communication, works better, much less
wiring and a bluetooth connection to an app
on the phone, very nice.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Last test drive the car did 96 km per hour,
that is OK for a city car I think. I didn't
really try it at max Amps, but it should go
over 100 km/h for a short period (over 500
Amps my breaker will trip).
AccelerationIt is fairly slow I still have to test with
a chronometer.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Still to find out.
Seating CapacityIt is a 5 seat car
Curb Weight2,750 Pounds (1,250 Kilograms)
1280 kg. 55 Kg more than the original
There is still a movie online with some testdriving:

My original assumption when I sold the Citroen again, that such
a big car is really unsuitable (due to size and curb weight)
for a good and practicle conversion is, looking back, not
correct. This conversion of a big Citroen (DS) is clearly very
succesfull, I think the owner drove more than 50.000 km with a
his car: WebPage

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