OwnerQuinten de Gooijer
Owner's Other EV1987 Citroen CX RE 2.0
LocationAmsterdam, North Holland Netherlands map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2003 Smart Roadster
(Update december 2018) The drivetrain from a
previous conversion with a Citroen CX is now
used in this Smart Roadster, with the same
Curtis controller, Fimea motor and Calb 180
cells. The roadster is almost the lightest
car you can get, should be good for the
range. I received my RDW approval in January
2018 but due to lack of time, left the car
in storage. At this moment I am really using
the car and it is really fun to drive. Would
I choose the Roadster again? Probably not,
it was a struggle many times during the
conversion to fit everything in the car, a
bigger car is just more convenient, no fight
for every cm2.
MotorFIMEA 30Kw 3-Phase AC
Water cooled. Not yet hooked up to water
cooling system, but the motor gets to 90 to
100 degrees Celcius, so I can use that very
good for my cabin heating system.
DrivetrainRemoved the clutch and use a fixed gear. It
is now in 3rd and that allowes for a max
speed of 130 km per hour at about 8000 RPM.
Acceleration is not as good as my Nissan
ControllerCurtis 1238
the 80 - 144 550A model
Batteries33 CALB/Skyenergy 180A, 3.40 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Divided in 3 packs
System Voltage114 Volts
3 Kw
Top Speed130 MPH (209 KPH)
AccelerationA little bit slow as I can not change
gears...In a next upgrade I would like to
change the gearbox for CVT, see if that
improves the over all performance.
Range90 Miles (144 Kilometers)
Depends really on the speed and use of the
heating system, that draws about 12 Amps.
I am only driving it since November 2018 so still need to find
out a lot of things...as with all conversions, many
improvements are possible but it does drive at this moment very
nice. I can even use all public charging stations included the
Fastned stations along the highway in The Netherlands. Can't
wait for the summer, to take the top down and really use it as
a convertible.

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