8S Pack
OwnerBrandon Bridges
Owner's Other EVs1980 Huffy Bay Pointe 3 Speed Cruiser
2004 Razor Ground Force
2005 Razor MX500
1976 Raleigh Grand Prix
2008 Schwinn S-400
1994 Suzuki GN125
LocationShelby, North Carolina United States map
Email email image
Vehicle1975 Raleigh Twenty
Originally a folding bike, the specific model I
have doesn't have the folding mechanism in the
middle of the frame. I prefer it that way.
Motor Aotema 36V 750W Brushed Permanent Magnet DC
750W Brushed Hub Motor in a 20" rim. Should Have
torque for days!
ControllerKelly KDS Mini Brushed DC Controller
Rated for 12 to 72V at 50A continuous and 200A
Batteries48.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Surplus "Orange Batteries" from AlarmHookup on
System Voltage48 Volts
None yet
InstrumentationHand for feeling temperatures
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight45 Pounds (20 Kilograms)
Conversion CostFuture:
$40 for BMS
$30 for charger
$10 for new chain
$20 for comfort seat
Coming back to this page in 2021, it's hard to believe that I have
been working on this project for over 10 years. Somehow, this
little bicycle has survived being sold in all that time, though
I've tried!

The project as a whole was stalled out by many things over time,
including lack of funds, but mostly lack of parts. The front fork
is very weak and the bottom bracket has a custom thread pitch, so
the normal options weren't really in the cards.

I stumbled upon a recumbent fork that would work after being cut
down, and purchased it along with the motor. I pressed a new
headset into the frame after a lot of research, and the bike is
currently at the shop getting tuned up and being converted to a
"fixie" due to rear hub issues.

The fork, if anyone is curious, is a Sunlite Threaded Recumbent
Fork in the following size:

"20" / 250 x 155 x 22.2 x 27.0mm"

The head tube had to be shortened, but that's quick work for a
bike shop.

New photos to follow

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