OwnerBrandon Bridges
Owner's Other EVs2004 Razor Ground Force
2005 Razor MX500
1976 Raleigh Grand Prix
2008 Schwinn S-400
1975 Raleigh Twenty
1994 Suzuki GN125
LocationShelby, North Carolina United States map
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Vehicle1980 Huffy Bay Pointe
Bought this bike in rough but usable condition. I was planning to buy another bike, but this bike is just so simple to work on and reliable I decided to stick with it.
MotorUnite Motor MY1018Z unknown
DrivetrainShimano 3 speed rear cruiser hub
ControllerYi Yun YK42-2
Batteries2 Yuasa Genesis, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Bought these new old stock at a hamfest for $5 each. Even at $40 each online I wouldn't buy a different battery. Yuasa makes the best batteries I have ever used.
System Voltage24 Volts
Charger Thunder Power TP-610C / Razor float charger
The TP-610C does an excellent job at charging but the Razor charger is much more convenient to use. It will most likely be mounted to the bike.
InstrumentationSchwinn Bicycle Computer
Top Speed28 MPH (45 KPH)
Wound out in third gear pedaling like a madman. This bike was made for riding around the neighborhood so 28mph is quite a feat. Top speed on flat land without pedaling is around 22mph.
AccelerationStrong pull coming off the line.
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
10 strong miles up and down hills
EV Miles
Current:35 Miles (56 Kilometers)
    As of 4/21/2009
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight75 Pounds (34 Kilograms)
Conversion Time4 months
Conversion Cost$300+
This bike is always being tinkered with. I hope to get a permanent battery rack now that I have some reliable batteries.

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