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OwnerCorbin Dunn
LocationLos Gatos, California United States map
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Vehicle1969 Volkswagen Beetle
MotorNetgain Warp9 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainExisting bug transmission. Kept the clutch, but installed a
slightly higher performance plate.
ControllerNetGain Controls WarP Drive - 1000amp
Batteries48 Thunder Sky TS-LFP200, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
200 ah cells.
System Voltage154 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-30
Plus amp readout gauge. Charger failed once (out of
warranty) and apparently blew the rectifier (some
how...though I didn't do anything wrong). Charging > 27
amps would cause the temperature LED to light up, so I
was charging right at 27 to prevent that from happening.
Now I charge at 25 amps in hopes that it won't have any
problems anymore.
HeaterCanEV Heater Kit (1500 watts). Gets somewhat hot, but not
DC/DC ConverterBelktronix -
Previously used an IOTA. It failed multiple times, and I don't
recommend it. Now using a belktronix, and it has been solid!
InstrumentationNetgain Controls Interface Module
Elithion BMS SOC display
Cheap tach gauge
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
I've taken it to about 72 mph. Theoretical top speed, based
the gear box and max 5000 RPM of the motor, is a little over
95 MPH.
AccelerationQuite brisk. No data.
Range89 Miles (143 Kilometers)
Range depends highly on where you are driving, how fast,
and how quickly you accelerate. I have a lot of hills. My
current range estimate is 89 miles to 20% State of Charge.
I think a safe estimate for my car is from 70-100 miles (to
0% SOC). I could get 100 easily if I kept it under 55mph and
didn't do big hills.

Visit my web page here for more information on range
calculation: WebPage /> p=2104
Watt Hours/Mile276 Wh/Mile
276 watt-hours/mile is an average. It varies from 200-300.
322 watt-hours/mile is an average driving up hills to my
house, and 229 is an average driving the reverse direction. So
the overall average is 276 over a 40 mile commute to and
from work.
EV Miles
Current:22,000 Miles (35,398 Kilometers)
    As of 1/10/2013
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,500 Pounds (1,136 Kilograms)
Weight isn't actual, but estimated based on what was removed
and added.
TiresCoker whitewalls
Conversion Time9 months to running. That includes a full restoration of the
car, and lots of waiting for components.
Conversion CostWell over $20k in EV parts. As an estimate, somewhere
between $25-28k total.
Additional FeaturesElithon Lithiumate BMS.
Netgain throttle pedal
Netgain controller water cooling kit.
2" drop spindles.
Disc brakes all around.
Shortened/adjustable front beam.
Most components purchased through Evolve Electrics at: WebPage
-- Justin Dunn,
the owner, was great to work with.

Lots of information on my website: corbinstreehouse : WebPage

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