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OwnerStephen Johnsen
Owner's Other EV1994 Chevrolet S-10
LocationSeattle, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula
My friends and I built this in college to show people that EVs can be fast and fun!
MotorWarfield WARP 8 Series Wound DC
Dual 8 inch WARP motors sandwiched in between two custom aluminum adapter plates so that one is held above the other and they are then connected with an expensive industrial toothed belt.

The Motors are wired for both series and parallel so that they can be switched on the fly but we haven't gotten all the contactors hooked up yet so all runs have been with them wired in Series only for maximum amps to launch.
DrivetrainRear wheel drive mid-motor setup with 5 speed Muncie/Getrag transmission. Dual 8 inch WARP motors connected with custom machined 7075 aluminum pulleys and industrial belt.
ControllerCafe Electric Zilla 2K HV
2000 amp Zilla 2K High Voltage model
Batteries23 Exide Orbital, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Tired old Blue-top Exide Orbitals just can't take the Zilla's power drains when the controller is turned up all the way... I need Lithium!
System Voltage276 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-30M
I got the very first PFC-30 to be equipped with an AC current meter! What a wonderful option as I can easily and quickly tune the charger to pull the max amps and not a bit more from whatever outlet I plug into!

Manzanita Micro Mk2B Analog AGM BMS (Battery Mangagement System)
HeaterI got a ceramic heater but it is not installed yet...
DC/DC ConverterLambda Don't Remember?
55 Amps capable and able to accept up to 370V input, this DC/DC augments a small 18AH Powersonic AGM battery to take care of the 12V system
InstrumentationE-meter and custom on-board computer.
Top Speed112 MPH (180 KPH)
The fastest I have had it up to is 112 and that was still just in 4th gear and there are 5 speeds in the transmission! Also that was with the motors wired in Series and it should be capable of a lot more in parallel. The car is very sleek and low and VERY powerful!
AccelerationTo quote several of my friends: "Neck Snapping!!!" I can easily beat Tesla Roadsters and just about any other car off the line! The launch is INSANE!
Range900 lbs of tired old lead-acid batteries doesn't do much for the range but it is great for going around town running errands and really fun between signal lights and at the drag strip!
Watt Hours/Mile290 Wh/Mile
I still need to get some more figures on average WH per Mile...
Seating CapacityJust 2 people, or me & 4 cute girls ;-)
Curb Weight3,500 Pounds (1,590 Kilograms)
Ugh, its heavier than stock with those blasted lead-acid batteries, onboard charger, twin motors, transmission, and solid Zilla 2K controller and huge 4/0 cable!
Tiresstock Fiero Formula tires, very wide profile for handling, not range.
Conversion TimeStarted planning in 2004, got motors tested in car by January 2006, further developments and many changes including new vehicle chassis led to first real dragrace in 2009
Conversion Cost>$25,000 after all was said and done and after rebuilding things many times!
Additional FeaturesLocals love the real light-up Flux Capacitor in the console between the seats!
Many thanks to my supportive friends and family, the EVDL, Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, NEDRA, Manzanita Micro, Cafe Electric. Special thanks to Ron Easley, Alex McKibben, Hans Larson, Brett Joseph, John Jolly, Collin Bates, Alex Fabbiano, Nick Smith, Eric Yost, Ashley Emery, Mike Maxfield, John Wayland, Otmar Ebenhoech, Rich Rudman, Dave Cloud, Steve Lough, Jeff Thomas and Don "Father Time" Crabtree for their help and/or inspiration.

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