Motor and jackshaftPrimary drive.Chain GuardBasketRear Sprocket
OwnerFrank Lotito
Owner's Other EVs2006 Sun SX-1
Sun AX-1 updated with mid-drive
LocationNoble, Oklahoma United States map
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Vehicle2006 Sun AX-1
Aluminum framed recumbent bike (aluminum version of my other recumbent). The frame was shortened 1 ft and TIG welded together. This made the bike fit in my car easier, steer quicker with a shorter turning radius, and easier to get into my upstairs apartment!
MotorMAC-BMC Brushless DC
WebPage - # MOT-B24600
DrivetrainBLDC motor with primary toothed belt drive (15T-60T), and 1/8" bicycle chain to the rear wheel (18T-38T). Belt and pulleys came from
Controller NA
Built into motor. Uses Magura 5k ohm twist grip throttle mounted on the left handle bar as my rear derailleur shifter is on the right side.
Batteries2 Genesis G13EP, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Batts are connected in parallel for 12V for charging, and in series for 24V to run the motor. A 3PDT, 25A rated switch does this - 2 poles connect the batts in series or parallel, and the third pole connects the positive to the charger or the motor.
System Voltage24 Volts
Charger Battery Minder - Mod 12248-A-ody
12V charger specifically made for Genisis/Odyssey batts, with desulfation capability. It is 8 amps and takes about 4 to 5 hrs to fully charge.
InstrumentationWill be adding voltmeter (LED type as it is easier to read).
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
On flat ground. Motor runs at a constant speed(according to throttle setting)up to it's C.L. point (CL is motor current not batt current as on my other recumbent with a brush type motor), then runs at constant torque (as motor slows down due to increade in load, batt current decreases.
AccelerationSlower than other bike due to constant torque mode.
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
Flat land with small hills.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight65 Pounds (29 Kilograms)
Batt pack non-removable, but at 65#, it is easy to carry up the stairs.
TiresFRONT - 16 X 1.75 - 65# Kontact on a 16 X1.5 rim.

REAR - 20 X 1.85 - 110# Maxxis "M" thread on a Rino-lite 20 X 1.75 rim.
Conversion TimeMany many weeks on a part time basis.
Conversion CostAbout $800.
Additional FeaturesHas a basket in the front to carry stuff.
The charger (waterproof) will be mounted under the seat on the right side and be permanently connected to the batt pack through the switch. With the charger will be a plastic box to house a computer type IEC-320 input connector so I can plug in the 25' 2X18 cord to opportunity charge. There will also be a 120VAC relay that will connect the charger to the batt pack only when the charges gets 120V power so that the batts will not discharge through the charger (leaving the batt connected with the AC disconnected keeps the charger LED indicators on!). Also there will be 2 charging terminals in parallel with the main charger and a 120V outlet to connect another charger in parallel with the built in one for a faster charge if I want it.
This bike is mostly pedal with electric assist, where as my other one is mostly electric with pedal assist.

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