OwnerFrank Lotito
Owner's Other EVs2006 Sun SX-1
2006 Sun AX-1
LocationNoble, Oklahoma United States map
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Vehicle2006 Sun AX-1 recumbent
Removed rear drive and added a mid-drive to
drive the crank. It has a 7 spd (11>34)
cassette with two 56T chain rings. Pedals
turn when motor runs, A.K.A. anti-laziness
MotorUnite Motor MY1018Z, 36V Permanent Magnet DC
I used a 36V motor on 24V so the motor would
not drive the pedals too fast.
DrivetrainMid-drive with brushed DC 36V motor driving
the crank. This is more of a pedal assist
rather than an electric only setup, even
though i can just let the pedals spin with
my feet on the basket.
Controller Home brewed with relays and resistors
Two relays and 4 resistors(2 ohm,25W)in
parallel for 0.5 ohm at 100W. throttle has
off,low,high positions. Works quite nicely.
Batteries8 GBS LFP20AHA, 25.60 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage26 Volts
Chargerunknown EMC-24-6
Chinese made, supplied with battery from
Elite Power Solutions. Used the charger for
2 yrs now, no problems.
InstrumentationNone presently.
Top Speed24 MPH (38 KPH)
AccelerationPretty good with motor and pedaling.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
With pedaling, I get 30>40 miles. That is
without a strong Oklahoma head wind!!
Watt Hours/Mile15 Wh/Mile
I always am pedaling, but sometimes lightly.
EV Miles
Current:400 Miles (643 Kilometers)
    As of 8/31/2014
Seating Capacity1, one, me only!
Curb Weight55 Pounds (24 Kilograms)
TiresFront - Kenda 16X1.75 - 65# (only need
40>50# as the front is light).

Rear - Maxxis 20x1.85 "M" thread - 110PSI.
Conversion TimeAbout 20 - 25 Hrs The controller, motor
mount, and throttle are home brew.
Conversion CostAbout $500, not including the bike.
The battery is also used on my other electric recumbent bike
(Rans Rocket)which I will put up on this site next.
I use this or my Rans(same type of drive) for parades or going
through outdoor events with my feet down and the pedals
spinning. It gets a lot of attention!!

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