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OwnerPhilip Rash
LocationDurham, North Carolina US map
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Vehicle1996 Dodge Dakota
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
Drivetrain3.9L V6 with 5-speed manual transmission. Retained
transmission for conversion.
ControllerSynkromotive DC 750
Batteries24 Interstate U2200, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
232Ah (20 hour rate)
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerRussco SC 50-240 SO
HeaterCeramic element (in place of original core).
Reasonable for NC winters...
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-55
Using 2 converters to adequately handle surges from
vacuum pump, power steering, etc.
InstrumentationBattery Voltmeter, Battery & Motor Ammeters,
Paktrakr, Original Tachometer and Speedometer. (And
added bonus: "check engine" light illuminates if
motor's thermal sensor indicates
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
(60 mph is top demonstrated speed so far)
AccelerationReasonable for traffic... (accelerates about
like a heavy truck)
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
that is, at least 25 miles (the longest trip so far
on a single charge) - based on depth of discharge,
max estimated range is probably 30 to 40 miles
Watt Hours/Mile500 Wh/Mile
approx average 500 Wh/mi (as measured from wall
EV Miles
Start:208,600 Miles (335,637 Kilometers)
Current:218,530 Miles (351,614 Kilometers)
Total:9,930 Miles (15,977 Kilometers)
    As of 8/4/2016
Seating Capacity2 adults (or 3 close friends)
Tires4 round ones
Additional FeaturesPower Steering pump (used pump from an MR2) provides adequate pressure for
steering rack. Vehicle steers very easily.

Iota 12VDC supply and heater are powered from 120VAC when vehicle is plugged
in to external power.

Performance much improved since installing the Synkromotive controller.
(Previously had a Curtis 1231C.) Also really like the capability to set many
different operating parameters (max currents, min battery voltage, etc).
Started conversion in September 2008. Got it inspected and tagged July 2010.
Been driving it to work and back home (approx average 8 miles per day) most
work days since early August 2010.

Fun to drive and nice to have reduced my gasoline consumption!

*Credit for the nickname goes to a friend - though the vehicle is not
hybrid, I still got a chuckle out of his nickname for it!

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