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LocationIpswich, Queensland Australia map
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Vehicle2010 Electric Trike

Rather than taking an existing second hand
motorcycle and fashioning it into a trike, I
opted to take the more laborious route and
build it from the ground up.

MotorKostov R20-32079 - 11 inch - 250v Series Wound DC

Motor is capable of being bi-wired to allow
series / parallel switching.

DrivetrainDirect drive - 31 spline 9" diff

Gleason: 3.1:1 low drag gear set (back cut to
lighten reciprocal mass)

Strange Engineering: Aluminum case, forged pinion support. UPDATED - changed to a Yukon 10 bolt case with bolt through centre. Forged pinion support changed to a custom one, with built in torque tube.

Eaton: Tru-Trac (worm style) centre.

Strange Engineering: Forged yoke, custom 30" flange to flange housing, SST axles with 5 lightening holes.

Self: Axle flange plates with added material to
support brake caliper brackets, spacers, brake caliper brackets.

Brembo: 5 stud (114.3mm / 4.5") Nissan 200sx
aftermarket rear rotors

Wilwood: Calipers front and rear.

ControllerEvnetics Soliton1
Will handle over 300v and up to 1400A (racing
warranty). I am leaving mine at the factory
set 1000A.
Batteries160, 3.65 Volt, Lithium-Ion
80S2P - Investigating A123 batteries at the
System Voltage292 Volts
ChargerElcon 2kW 292v - 8A
TCcharger (previously Elcon)
80 Series * 3.65v
with CAN Bus option
HeaterLeather jacket. Cooling: open jacket.
InstrumentationDigital display.
Top Speed125 MPH (201 KPH)
Unknown at present guestimate around 200 kph.
AccelerationExpecting 60ft times and possibly 330ft times
to be much quicker than the ZX-10R, after
that the Kawasaki will probably out
accelerate it.
RangeHoping for 100+ klms (62.7 miles).

More likely to be around 50-60 klms if I go
with a less Ah pack.
Seating CapacityOne with possibly a second removable seat.
Curb Weight992 Pounds (450 Kilograms)
Regulations state it must be less than 450kgs
TiresRear: 17" x 8" Centerline wheels with 235/45-
17 tyres.

Front:17" x 3.5" custom made Dragway wheel
with 140/80-17 Metzeler ME880 tyre.
Conversion TimeYour guess is as good as mine at this point.
Conversion CostEstimate $35k+
Additional FeaturesPlanning on using a home built girder front.
Frame will be made of 4130 Chrome-Moly.

EMS: Wicom
5.7" LCD screen
Central Control Module
5 Data Control Modules (16 cells each)
500A current sensor
Looking forward to taking it for a spin.

16 Aug 2010:
New "Rev" series Centerline 17" x 8", 3.5"
backspace wheels are now here.
Kostov motor has been delayed but should
be here in a couple of weeks.
Decided to use Wilwood calipers instead of
reconditioning factory units on rear.

14 Sept 2010:
17" Rotoforged front wheel has now been
manufactured to design. 235/45-17 tyres
purchased and ready to go on once the
Centerlines are polished to an acceptable

6 Oct 2010:
Motor turned up today, starting to look a
little more like a trike now.

25 Oct 2010:
Finally got my Russell brake rotors and
mounting bolts a month late.

Ordered Wicom EMS and TC Charger (Elcon)
from China. Ordered TCB's from K & G
Cycles USA. Still waiting on front guard.

15 Nov 2010:
Wilwood / Harley front calipers arrived.

23 Nov 2010:
Wicom EMS arrived.

26 Nov 2010:
TCcharger battery charger turned up today.
Finished polishing the Centerline wheels
to an acceptable finish and mounted tyres.

6 Dec 2010:
4 TCBs (Traction Controlled Braking)
arrived. Will be using them on all 4
calipers (2 front, 2 rear) to help pass
ADR braking tests.

4 Jan 2011:
Front guard is now here and I get my first
real look at what the front wheel is going
to look like.

5 Feb 2011:
Rear Wilwood calipers arrived. Will need
to make some new rear brake caliper
brackets, as old ones were designed for
the Nissan calipers.

16 Feb 2011 Update:
Designing a rear suspension that allows
full movement and functionality without
taking up excess space has been quite

Currently working on trying to offset some
of the unsprung weight by pivoting the
motor further back towards the diff. Final
design is close, and will hopefully be
able to move into fabrication soon.

Design is loosely based around a single
heim / rose joint and the top front, and a
Watts link on the rear.

17 Nov 2013 Update
Been quite some time since my last update.
Recently got motivated enough to start
working on the trike again.
Been designing the motor to diff coupling
and purchased a huge solid chunk of
aluminum to create a torque tube. Need to
finish the coupling first, then will move
on to making the torque tube.

7 Mar 2016
Time has passed and I haven't been in the
position to move forward in quite some
time, but three months ago I started
getting some work done on the torque tube.
After much chasing it has just been
finished and ready for assembly.

2 Sept 2017
Finally got around to taking the new 10
pinion bolt diff centre and torque tube /
pinion support to be assembled. Should be
ready next week if there is no problems
with the manufactured torque tube / pinion

June 2021
Still waiting to get some shed space and spare money to finish the project. I haven't given up.

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