OwnerDusty Reed
LocationMelbourne, Florida United States map
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Vehicle1991 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001A Series Wound DC
Drivetrainstock 5 speed manual tranny with stock clutch operable
ControllerZapi H2
Batteries20, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
golf cart, batteries in bed, will go under later
System Voltage120 Volts
Steve Clunn designed and built home brew
HeaterFlorida sun
DC/DC ConverterTodd PC-40LV
Instrumentationa) E-Meter b) Ammeter
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
approximation by calculation
Range45 Miles (72 Kilometers)
(approximation by calculation)
Seating Capacity2 and 1/2 + 2 dogs in back
Curb Weight4,300 Pounds (1,954 Kilograms)
TiresStandard P205/75R14 95S M+S
Conversion Time42 hours in 3 days for 2 people
Conversion Cost$3500 electric Lynx with damaged tranny + $150
Steve Clunn designed and built the Lynx that was used as the Electric's donor. I had bought the Lynx from him and blew the clutch and tranny 6 months later. We made our own adapter plates and mounting brackets. The batteries are presently in the bed but will go under it between the frame and driveshaft later. Some batteries will also migrate under the hood to even out the weight distribution. I also have plans to make the bed tilt sideways, (maybe).

code by jerry