Max current(TBD)6 x 55aH batteriesPot BoxRight side after my accidentController, contactor and DC to DC conve
OwnerSome Guy
Owner's Other EV1994 GIANT
LocationCalgary, Alberta Canada map
Vehicle1994 Suzuki GSXR
MotorMars ME0709 (Etek-RT) Permanent Magnet DC
Good motor. Heats up a bit at full throttle though. I connected the ram air intakes on the front of the bike to inject air into the motor. Also programmed controller to max 200A. Good now.
Drivetrain49T rear and 10T front (noisy, although creating noise is not a bad thing for a bike). This is gives me good acceleration and hill climbing. Top speed lis limmited. I wanted a CVT from Comet but they are in recievership and cant get it together - too bad.
ControllerAlltrax 7245
Nice controller. If I would do it again I would buy a full H bridge type so that I would have dynamic breaking.
Batteries6 Haze 55AH, 72.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
CALB(Sky Energy) 28 x SE60AH lith cells ordered March 29 2011, ETA 8 weeks/May 24, 2011). Keegan at CALIB Power has been responsive and good to work with. Cant wait for lithiums!

AGM for now but hopefully I can affort Lithium in a couple of years. I got a good price on these batteries from a friend in Calgary.
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerKingpan KP7206E
I was going to order and pay for the Zivan NG1 but I was offered a much cheeper one. Thanks to Todd K at electric motor sport. no complaints
DC/DC ConverterSevcon 72 V version
Works excellent. Im using the 300W 72V input 13.5VDC output. It gets luke warm after an hour of riding with both headlights pluged in (2x H4).
Top Speed52 MPH (83 KPH)
I comprimized at 85km/h so I had good acceleration and hill climbing. I really want a two speed trany or CVT - would make all the difference!
AccelerationI can easily pass cars. Not as fast as a bike with ICE.
Range18 Miles (28 Kilometers)
Depends how you ride it. Acclerate like a car and it lasts 25-30km, ride it like a bike and it lasts 10km.
Estimate 100km with the lithiums!
EV Miles
Start:27,245 Miles (43,837 Kilometers)
Current:27,889 Miles (44,873 Kilometers)
Total:644 Miles (1,036 Kilometers)
Curb Weight484 Pounds (219 Kilograms)
Facotry weight was 210kg dry. Now its 220kg. Unfortunaely becuse I wanted to keep the stock look the batteries are up high making the bike top heavy. This likely contributed to my accedent. That also due to me being new rider, and bald tires.
Conversion Cost$6000 all in (includes about $400 in tools)

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