OwnerBarry Enright
Owner's Other EVElectric Bicycle
LocationBeaufort , South Carolina United States map
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21 speed Bicycle converted into an electric bike.
Motor Nine continents Brushless DC
500 Watt hub motor mounted in front wheel.
Drivetrain500 Watt Hub Motor from E-BikeKite.com
Controller E-BikeKite.com
35amp 36/48volt
Batteries28, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Custom built 48 volt pack of Headway cells mounted in frame. 36 volt pack from E-BikeKit mounted on bicycle rack.
Charger unknown
36 volt,2 amp charger and 48v,4 amp charger.
DC/DC ConverterErickkson
24/72 to 12 volt, 4 watts used to power front and rear LED running lights. Purchased on e-bay for $8.00 dollars.
InstrumentationI use a Cycle Analyst to monitor speed, time, volts, amps, watts, distance, battery cycles, total miles and etc.
Top Speed28 MPH (45 KPH)
Top speed on flat surface using 48 volts is 28 mph. Same conditions using 36 volt pack top speed is 21 mph.
AccelerationGood for a bicycle. I can keep up with cars for the first 100 feet from a dead stop.
Range55 Miles (88 Kilometers)
Range varies with conditions and speed. My longest trip is 55 miles, averaging 18 mph. I had 4Ah of battery left when I arrived home. I assist the motor by peddling most of the time. I have ridden 40 miles without assisting the motor and had power left over.
Watt Hours/Mile24 Wh/Mile
With the 36 volt pack I use approximately 18 watts per mile @ 21 mph. With the 48 volt pack I use around 24 watts per mile. The 36 volt pack draws 10 amps at cursing speed and the 48 draws 18 amps.

EV Miles
Start:1 Miles (1 Kilometers)
Current:1,500 Miles (2,413 Kilometers)
Total:1,499 Miles (2,411 Kilometers)
    As of 12/12/2009
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight77 Pounds (35 Kilograms)
The finished product, bike, battery and accessories weighs in at 77 lbs.
TiresThe slickest I could find at the local bicycle store. Keep them over inflated to reduce resistance and increase range.
Conversion TimeThe initial conversion took a couple of hours once I had all the parts in hand. The headway 48 volt battery pack and mounting system took weeks of work and research. I started the E-Bike project in May 09 and It has been a work in progress ever since. I enjoy adding accessories and making improvements. Currently working on new battery management system and increasing battery voltage to 72 volts which will add power, speed and range.
Conversion Cost$2,000 so far. Thinking of selling Electric Lance and starting a motorcycle conversion. Have not made final decision to date.

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