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OwnerDamien Maguire
Owner's Other EVs2001 BMW E39 520i
1994 Honda CBR600F2
LocationWicklow, County Wicklow Ireland map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1996 BMW 316i Compact
with 106k miles bought for 200 euros with blown engine
MotorMitsubishi Compound Wound DC
80v main traction motor from a Mitsubishi 4 ton forklift.
Drivetrain5 speed manual gearbox direct coupled to 11" compound wound dc motor. No clutch
ControllerOpen ReVolt
Custom version of open source controller with an igbt based power stage. Capable of 700amps. Now upgraded to liquid cooling as of 07/11.
Batteries192 Headway 40160s, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Upgraded the 120v lead acid agm pack weighing 360kg to a 152v pack of headway lithium iron phosphate cells weighing 100kg! 192 cells in total wired 48s4p.
System Voltage152 Volts
Charger Homemade
Buck converter charger based on design by Simon Rafferty. upgraded to 32amp input and pulse charge. Working very well for over a year now. This charger works very well with the new lithium pack hitting the very important cv point to within .3v
HeaterCeramic heater in place of stock heater core. Dual power setup so will heat up from mains to save battery power.
DC/DC Converter None
Used an odyssey pc1500 agm for 12v systems. as of 12/10 upgraded to 4 x 100ah thundersky lifepo4 cells at 12.8v nominal to run accessory loads. Charged to 14.2v cv point by a 20amp chennic charger. Charger cost $90usd delivered.
InstrumentationVictron bmv600hs battery monitor. Have recently installed LCD display system as featured on ecomodder. Great piece of kit with all the info on a clear and easy to read screen. Even drives the fuel gauge!
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
80 mph estimated top speed. Hope to cruise at 60 mph. Have been to 70mph on motorway and still accelerating!
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
Commute to work is only 7 miles and i can can charge at both ends.
Watt Hours/Mile250 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:106,000 Miles (170,554 Kilometers)
Current:107,522 Miles (173,002 Kilometers)
Total:1,522 Miles (2,448 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight2,500 Pounds (1,136 Kilograms)
Weighed in at 1510kg with the lead acid. Once lithium pack is complete this will drop by a whopping 250kg! Vehicle will be near stock kerb weight of 1280kg. Weighed in at 1230kg with lithium battery.
Tires175/14 generic. Came with the car and in as new condition!
Conversion Time12 months.
Conversion CostAbout 5000 euros.
Additional FeaturesPower steering by Toyota mr2 electric pump. Electric Vacuum pump for brake servo. As of 12/10 looking at upgrade to an Audi A6 electric vacuum pump for brake servo. The pump i have is just too loud but has worked flawlessly over a year.

Audi vacuum pump fitted. Inaudible , works great and cheaper than Thomas pump! 'nuff said!
Budget conversion. Seems to be progressing well.
Website :

10/02/10 : Fitted the charger and have done a first test drive at 48v. Charger working well but needs a few tweaks. Looking at using a kats 1500w 120v block heater for the cabin heat. Much neater solution. Commenced fab work on rear battery racks. May be going to 120v with ten Odyssey PC2150s

Complete revisit on the adapter plate / coupler. Now using a solid coupler and much neater adapter plate. Runs soooo much better the the stupid jaw coupler i had been using. Well worth the effort.

02/06/10 :
Had major motor problems. Removed , advanced and com turn later all is well. Now running at 120v. Massive performance increase. Decided to use a ceramic heater as removal of the heater matrix on the bmw is easy.

19/12/10 :
Car passed NCT (national car test) in september. Road legal since then. Just started a lithium battery upgrade. Going to 144v 64ah pack of headway 16ah cells. Total of 180 in total. Pack weight , for the same energy , going from 340kg with lead to approx 80kg with Lithium!!

Lithium battery build in progress. Fitting to the car early january 2011.

First test drive with complete lithium battery. What can I say? Its a real car now.

Driving daily now on the new lithium pack. No issues.

Upgraded to liquid cooled motor controller. Had some issues with overheating on long runs with the original design. New version uses 4 igbt modules for 3x over rating. Used 7 row oil cooler radiator and vw/audi coolant pump. New videos added.

Still daily driving. Over 20k miles in the past year.

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