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OwnerJocelyn Dufourg
LocationLa Queue-en-Brie, Ile-de-France France map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1996 Peugeot 103 RCX
Motor NPC black max Permanent Magnet DC
3.5 hp at 24V
Controller Self made controller
You can Found some schematics and information at WebPage
BatteriesConrad Energy, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
2 battery 12V 26Ah
System Voltage24 Volts
DC/DC Converter
Include in the controller
Top Speed38 MPH (61 KPH)
Motor can run higher in 36V
Accelerationgood for a 3.8hp motor
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
Lead acid is just a test I hope to buy lithium
Watt Hours/Mile1500 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:700 Miles (1,126 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityNot suitable for 2 passengers. beacause of 24V system
Curb Weight120 Pounds (54 Kilograms)
Conversion Time1 year
Conversion Cost600 dollars
I'll make a better model with LIFEPO4 cells

code by jerry