OwnerNick Christensen
LocationGlendale Heights, Illinois United States map
Vehicle2009 Currie Trailz
complete electric bike
Drivetrain"450w" pm motor with internal gear reduction
Batteries0.00 Volt,
System Voltage36 Volts
Top Speed25 MPH (40 KPH)
+ or - 4mph depending on charge state, conditions and pedaling effort
Accelerationsomething like a 50cc scooter
Range11 Miles (17 Kilometers)
the third battery goes out earlier so i have to switch it out.
Conversion Timecouple hours building the bike out of the box and rigging the third battery in series
Conversion Costabout $330 shipped from Toys 'R' Us
paid $20 for the third battery from American Science and Surplus
Additional Featurescomes with a cruise feature that seems to hold the throttle at about 80% as long as you keep pedaling

code by jerry