OwnerGordy Ormesher
LocationHayden, Idaho US map
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Vehicle1987 Suzuki Samurai
Found in a farmers field, parked for 8 years with a bad motor, on it's axles, full of bee's, beer cans, and rotten seats. Donated by original owners. Thank you Terry and Kelly.
MotorAdvanced DC L91 Series Wound DC
Good for light EV's under 3000 lbs.
In this vehicle, preforms about the same as the original ICE.
DrivetrainOriginal drive train with new 3" Cal-Mini lift and shocks. No additional leafs yet, rear sags less than 1/8", may do new shackles when suspension settles. Still 4x4
ControllerAlltrax AXE 7245
72 volt, 450 amp, programmable, company has good support.
Batteries12 Trojan T-105, 6.50 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
bang for the buck in this daily driver
System Voltage72 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge sco7210
Gorilla charge anywhere, I also use a Renaissance floor charger, switchable 24-72v 70amp desulfating pulser just cuz those guys are cool and it works great. 2 great American made chargers.
Heaterwill be air for the cab, I build my own custom under battery heaters for winter so range is almost unaffected by snow.
DC/DC Converter
no dc/dc,, run direct off aux. may add one later
Instrumentationamp meter and speedo, building a 10bar/12pod real time BDI with volt meter now
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
2,3,and 4 are my happy gears. No clutch float shifting works about the same has the original, some say better. Car was built for daily stop & go drive under 45 mph,,, perfect.
AccelerationMade 3 passes for NEDRA/NHRA at PIR (Portland, OR) 40mph in the quarter was my best, no damage, never used over 400 amps, foot to the floor. And the crowd went wild when I ran against a Tesla.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
35 and under, not holding up traffic but keeping an egg between foot and pedal, coast stop and go.
EV Miles
Current:1,000 Miles (1,609 Kilometers)
    As of 8/2/2009
Seating Capacity4 very calm adults with cup holders
Curb Weight2,800 Pounds (1,272 Kilograms)
Tires205/75/15, I think, running with extra air
Conversion Time60 hours for electrics and battery boxes, 100 hours for the busted car and rattle can paint.
Conversion Costhere's the good part,,,
Paint, seats, electrics, lift, tires, the whole thing, including the donated car,,, $5000 in materials and I got the receipts to prove it. I love donated cars and they are everywhere.
Additional FeaturesRemovable rear seat platform. rear carry of electric scooter, no spare tire to worry about, scooter goes 30mph
I have built bigger and faster EV's, but this is my favorite so far, It does what it is designed to do and it does it well, and at a price point that almost anyone can do.
Good, dependable machine that should give a lot of service and put a lot of money in the bank.

The car is color coded for teaching and easy dis-assembly/re-assembly by students and newbies.

Gordy Ormesher PEVA Panhandle Electric Vehicle Association
Idaho chapter EAA

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