Motor and AdaptorRear Battery Rack
OwnerBob Orr
LocationFairfax, Virginia United States map
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Vehicle1982 Sears Craftsman II
38" Riding Mower with 14 HP Kohler Engine
MotorMars ETEK-RT Permanent Magnet DC
DrivetrainBelt Drive 5 Speed Forward + Neutral and Reverse
None. Uses only Contactor rated for 400 Amp DC, and Foot Switch.

Controller was not desirable for use with this sort of Permanent Magnet Motor and Lawnmower powertrain.
Batteries4 Optima D31T Yellow Top, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Fused at 250Amps
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger 4 Battery-Minder 12 volt Chargers.
One Charger per Battery. Automatic Float and de-sulphating after fully charged
Instrumentation48v State of Charge Meter from Electric Golf Cart
RangeMows in 2nd gear for 1.5 hours without more than 10% discharge
Watt Hours/MileMows in 2nd gear for 1.5 hours without more than 10% discharge
Seating Capacity1 adult (Me!)
Curb Weight450 Pounds (204 Kilograms)
Batteries Alone ~ 240 pounds!
Conversion Time3 months working on weekends
Additional Features2/0 cabling for electrical power train (Motor, Contactor, Batteries)
Mower has plenty of torque, can mow my hilly 1/2 acre lot for about 1.5 hours in 2nd gear. Takes only about 48 hours to charge at 4 Amps.

Built special battery rack on rear to distribute weight of the batteries equally between front and rear. This rear weight helps traction of rear tires on hills. The battery weight in front helps minimize " popping wheelies".

Rear Battery Rack is High enough to allow towing of carts etc as before.


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