OwnerKen Barbour Jr.
Owner's Other EV1991 Geo Metro Convertible
LocationDeptford, New Jersey United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2008 BMW Mini E 100% electric Mini Cooper
OEM produced electric car available to a select few(450) in
CA,NY,and NJ. $850 a month lease for one year then we have
to give them back.
MotorAC Propulsion 3-Phase AC
150 kW torque 162 lb/ft
DrivetrainAC Propulsion
ControllerAC Propulsion
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
573lb battery pack where the back seat would normally be.
35 kWh (28 kWh effective)
System Voltage380 Volts
Charger AC propulsion/Clipper Creek?
120v cable included with car for opportunity charging 12
amp rating. 32 amp wall box 240v mounted in garage.
Dealerships have 50 amp chargers.
Heateryep, and it works pretty damn good
DC/DC ConverterAC Propulsion
Instrumentationawesome gauge with battery temp and state of charge
among other things right in front of steering wheel
Top Speed95 MPH (152 KPH)
electronically limited to 95mph
Accelerationbreathtaking 0-60mph 8.6 seconds
1/4 MILE 15.9@88 mph Done multiple times by me at Atco
Range142 Miles (228 Kilometers)
I've gotten 110 miles today 6/18/09 first day with the car.
Headlights, radio, wipers, and a/c on. 72 mph on the
highway. A month later and routinely getting 115-128 miles.
New record on the way to HAgerstown,Md
136 miles on one charge.
142 miles on one charge at Penn State University 21st Century Automotive Challenge. Real World 142 miles (it was raining and i traversed three mountain ranges.)
Watt Hours/Milewill know soon
EV Miles
Start:29 Miles (46 Kilometers)
Current:23,000 Miles (37,007 Kilometers)
Total:22,971 Miles (36,960 Kilometers)
    As of 12/10/2010
Seating Capacity2 adults, plenty of room
Curb Weight3,230 Pounds (1,468 Kilograms)
3660 gvwr
Tires195/55r16 on nice aluminum rims run flats so no spare
Conversion Timebeen waiting since I applied in November
Conversion Cost$850 a month 1 year closed end lease
Big thanks to Adam Arwas and the guys at Princeton Mini. Everyone was very helpful
and friendly. WebPage
06/25/09 Drove the Mini to Jenny Isaacs EV conversion workshop over 100 miles round
trip on one charge. www.buckscountyrenewables.com
06/29/09 Drove the Mini to Six Flags for my B-day. 90+ miles round trip all on one
charge (started with 85% charge)
07/09/09 Finally got the wallbox installed so i can charge on 240v. It now takes about
4.5 hours for a full recharge. This will let me drive alot more each day.
07/24/09 Furthest trip so far has been 128 miles on the
I hsve taken the car to the Power of Dc in Hagerstown,MD and the Kempton,Pa Alt
Energy Fair
First MINI E to be driven by Chris Paine of "Who Killed the Electric Car"

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