threequarters8/29./10  photo shoot with L.A. singer L
OwnerBrandon Hollinger
Owner's Other EVs1992 Mazda Miata
1970 SAAB 96
LocationLancaster, Pennsylvania United States map
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Vehicle1970 Saab 96
the 96 is a famous rally car built 1960-1980, won many international rallies as a noisy smokey two-stroke engine where you combine the oil with the gas. 1967 and later were equipped with a V4 engine. this is a 4-speed manual transmission with shifting on the column.

[SAAB is now running on lithium cells and relisted on EVAlbum above]
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001A Series Wound DC
Drivetrain4-speed on the column, freewheel mechanism
ControllerCurtis 1231C
Batteries16 Trojan T-125, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
DC/DC ConverterAstrodyne
Instrumentationammeter, voltmeter, LED fuel gauge
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
highway capable

seems most efficient at 45-50 mph
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
about 50 miles of mixed use, easy on the pedal

96 miles @ 30-35mph on track (see may 2010 in notes below)
EV Miles
Start:50,253 Miles (80,857 Kilometers)
Current:59,327 Miles (95,457 Kilometers)
Total:9,074 Miles (14,600 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4.5 adults
Curb Weight2,900 Pounds (1,318 Kilograms)
original curb weight = 2080 lbs
Tireslow roll resistance KUMHO tires rated at 45 psi
Conversion Time6 months research, 3 months to build
Conversion Costcar = $730 on eBay
components = $6000 from EVAmerica
batteries = $2200
everything else = TBD
vintage car parts = $$$

EV grin = priceless
thanks Bob and Bryan at Electric Vehicles of America! always made time for me and my ZERO automotive experience. there are several amateur videos on youtube under "saab 96-v"

4/5/09 put into service as EV

5/3/09 showed car at EV show in macungie, PA ... great time, sat on a EV panel and answered Q's.

6/8/09 made the front page of the sunday news! paste this in your browser to see article, photos, and video:
*article reprinted here:
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7/31/09 just want to add that i love driving electric. just added a stereo and it hasn't affected the range in a measurable amount.

8/9/09 saw chris paine (director of documentary "who killed the electric car") speak at university of delaware. showed him my saab on this site and he totally mentioned me in the middle of his powerpoint presentation. kewl.

8/15/09 showed car at a car show at lancaster, pa's long's park. had prime spot aside from the 900 or so other cars. talked for 12 hours and handed out a lot of ev info.

8/24/09 hit 2000 miles!

9/18-20/09 showed car at mid-atlantic renewable energy association (MAREA) renewable/sustainable living fest in kempton, pa. drove the entire 65 miles of highway and hills to get there in 2 stages with charging in between. a GREAT festival! rode in a tesla!

9/23/09 first EV crisis: loose battery terminal connection results in battery post meltdown. 20 mins later, battery is bypassed with my extra cable i carry and i drove home fine on remaining 90 volts. later, filed down the post and was able to use damaged battery. final repair cost = $0. i can't believe i overlooked that terminal! routinely check those things - ALL of them!

10/3/09 showing car at the "solar tour open house" (american solar energy society) in york, lancaster, berks counties. i'll be charging the car on sun juice and talking EV at 290 woolen mill rd, new park, pa.
come see solar PV panels, wind turbine, solar tubes, wood/corn furnace, geothermal heating, air compressor windmill, 1900 style windmill making ice cream, dog tread power, wood fired pizza, and a saab EV! all at the same residence.

2/21/10 finished body work and and PPG urethane paint job! lookin very sharp in "nightwatch blue."

3/5/10 fried DC/DC converter with stray garden hose shot of water... new plan: plexi protected partial box. disasters = 2 (both stupid human mistakes)

4/25/10 gave speech to 150 people about EVs and the role of oil and consumption in the USA. wasn't painful at all. can't wait to do again.

5/20/10 had interior done professionally. everything but the carpet. lookin fine:)

5/21-23/10 the SAAB 96-V competed in the 21st century automotive challenge in penn state. rich heritage: formerly known as "tour de sol" and "tour de thor." 3 days of fun and abuse: dynamic handling/autocross, efficiency tasks, range on a track

still waiting on official numbers but forced last years winner to do 100 laps on approx 1-mile track. i did 98. alan arrison wins the event with the EV VW rabbit pickup conversion. a beautiful conversion and very talented individual.

6/9/10 won a GIANT trophy at my local EV club, eastern electric vehicle club out of philadelphia for "best overall vehicle" at the 21stCAC. thanks guys! totally made my day/week/etc!

11/16/10 went on the TV news Fox43 ... video embedded here:

12/6/10 plugged on Jack Rickard's EVTV.ME

12/6/10 went on TV Channel 11

12/12/10 SAAB story featured on REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR website

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