MotorBatteries, controller
OwnerHenry Herndon
LocationAlbany, California United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1994 Mazda MX5 Miata
Black, M-Edition
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainStock 5-speed with clutch. FR layout.
ControllerCafe Electric Z1KLV
Batteries12 Optima D34 Yellow Top, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-20
HeaterNone, marine bilge blower installed for defroster, vent
DC/DC ConverterIota DLS-55
InstrumentationPakTrakr, tach driven by Zilla. 20x4 VFD display attached to custom BMS System. Individual voltage readouts, charging information.
Top SpeedNot sure yet. Have hit 65 no problem.
AccelerationGood, very promising. Burnout capable.
RangeNot sure yet. Hoping for 25-30mi.
EV Miles
Current:25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,705 Pounds (1,229 Kilograms)
Very good balance and distribution, up 300-500 lbs over stock '94 M-Edition.
Conversion Time2 years
Conversion CostNot sure
Additional FeaturesMy built-from-scratch charge balancing/BMS system is together and functioning if a bit unpolished, initial impressions are very good. Is able to report battery voltages and operating state of the shunt regulators over a differential-signaled digital bus which has proven to be very noise resistant. When I finish the firmware for the battery regulators charging and balancing will be fully automatic.
The car is not done yet, drives well but is not complete. See the website for progress and details.

It needs a new back window, stiffer springs, some interior work... and a good wash and wax.

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